Best Ways to Check Backlinks Of A Website for Free

Best Backlinks Checker

If you own a website, you are an online marketer or a Search Engine Optimizer then you must have heard of the term ” Backlinks “. In this article I have collected 10 best backlinks checker for you to examine the amount of backlinks your website have.
They all say that SEO is a game of Backlinks and every website/blog needs to build backlinks to get on the top of search results. Using these tools wisely one can improve his/her website in a short span of time, you have to know what are the dofolllow and nofollow backlinks, where they are coming from.
We can say SEO is a wall and backlinks are the bricks for this wall, the more the backlinks the better the ranking and stronger the optimization.


Let us have a look at the best free backlinks checker :-


**** Ahrefs –
The best among all I found is Ahrefs. This is the tool which I personally use and recommend. Ahrefs will give you detailed information about the website’s backlinks, nofollow, dofollow, number of domains referring your site, types of backlinks, top pages and much more in a very detailed and easy to understand format.
One thing that you may not like about Ahrefs is that it displays backlinks for limited websites ( Only 1 ) per day if you have not upgraded your account for paid version but it still reports quite good for one site per day with it’s free version.

* BackLinkWatch –
On of the most popular backlinks checker tool used by many websmasters & bloggers. This back link checker tool will help you have a look at the quantity and quality of the backlinks your website have. It will give you an insight to the page rank, anchor text and amount of outbound links present on a particular page.
It will also tell you that whether the backlink is nofollow or dofollow.

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* –
It is also among the top backlinks checker offered by SEOmoz Community. This tool has gained much popularity all around the world. This tool offers two packs to its users – free and paid. If you want to get automatic backlinks report on daily basis then you will have to go for paid version. Some of its features like updating daa every 15 minutes, great index of links have made it very popular and strong backlink checker tool.
Find you competitor backlinks and get the links from the sites your competition is getting from.

* LinkDiagnosis –
You can use this tool to get backlink reports in an optimized or detailed form. You may even select that you want to check backlinks for any single page or for the whole website/blog.
One thing which I would love to tell you about this is that this tool works best with Mozilla Firefox and that too with it’s extension installed.

* Ranksignals –
You can make use of this tool for linking anchor text, checking the amount of backlinks and the page rank of the pages from where you are getting your backlinks. Not only the report about backlinks but allows shows you the Alexa rank and page rank of your website.
This one is absolutely free to use.

* DigBacklink –
This one is not that much famous but a functional tool to analyze backlinks for free of cost. All you have to do is sign in with your Facebook account and you will be able to generate reports for your site’s backlinks.
Like the previous one this also provide you info like mozRank and page rank of the domain from where your site is linked.

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* SmallSeoTools –
One of the popular tool among webmasters and bloggers. This one just does not perform this function only but provides you with a lot of features like Plagiarism checker, Keyword position ranker and many more.
But particularly talking about it’s backlink checker facility so it is a bit slower as compared to the other ones. Few of your backlinks may not be displayed as their data is not updated frequently but still worth trying.

* Majesticseo –
It was solely developed to check backlinks for any website. You can have a premium pack or continue with the free one to analyze the backlinks report for your site. The reports generated by this tool are quite fast, take a mere seconds to generate the reports for you.

* RavenTools –
It gathers all the backlinks for a particular URL and the citation flow as well like that of Majesticseo.  The reports generated by this tool includes source URL, citation flow, nofollow status.

** Alexa –
I think the most among all is Alexa, the tool which is mostly used by webmasters and bloggers to check the rank for their website, also displays the limited number of backlinks of your website in the free version.

So these were the top 10 ways to find backlinks of your website/blog. Use these tools wisely and get yourself on the top of search results.