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Here you will get to know about FocusAndLeap.com and me. If you ended up on this page then I am sure you are in love with the site and info provided, if Yes then Thank You for your love and support.

The design of Focus And Leap has been selected keeping you in mind, simple and really very easy to navigate.

FocusAndLeap.com tries to keep you updated with the latest technologies. The Tricks mentioned over here are tested, researched and then published, you will find nothing here which is fake or does not work.

The articles are written in easily understandable English so that even a small kid can understand and implement it.

Sneak Peak Into History Of FocusAndLeap.com:

Seriously speaking I had no plan to create a blog, I never wanted to blog, what I wanted was to build a service based website. My motive was to create a website where I won’t have to work BUT I was wrong there is no such website till now.

The name Focus And Leap is not the first name of this site, it was something else but later after gaining some experience in blogging I realized that domain name matters a lot for which I took the decision to migrate it to the new domain, it was tricky for me as I had no experience in doing that but like we say “Even Spider Man has to take risks”, I took that risk and just did it. Succeeded without any hassle.

Focus And Leap was first a classified website, like I said I never wanted to be a blogger, I created a website for people where they could post ads for free and sell their old goods. It was a failure. Why ? Somehow I created the website BUT who is gonna promote it ? I had no idea, in fact I didn’t even knew about the keywords at that time. Took the decision to collapse this classified website and first learn the basics, transformed the same domain to a blog from a classified website. It was very hard for me to take that step but experiments, that’s what I love to do, did it, now I think I took the right decision.


About Me –

karan bhagat, focus and leap founder, focus and leap owner

I (Karan Bhagat) have done my graduation in Physics from the  very reputed university, Delhi University, one of the top 3 universities of India. Before starting this tech store I was completely unaware of the word Blogging, even I never heard of Google Adsense(no common person knows about it), one of my relative brought this to me, even then I neglected it but then suddenly I decided to start blogging and I am happy today that I did it and continuously providing valuable info to the readers. Now I am that much addicted to blogging that most of the time I am sitting with my laptop open exploring about new things daily.