Am I Shadowbanned on Reddit? 2 Genuine Ways to Detect Ban on Reddit

Reddit is one of the most popular and useful social media network with a highly engaging community. The website receives hundreds of million views per month and increasing. It’s definitely one of the biggest resource to get exposure to your product, brand or knowledge. What makes reddit different is it’s terms and policies, it is very strict about them and doesn’t provides you a warning even before throwing you into the ban, which leads to the question “Am I shadowbanned?”

Don’t take Reddit’s policies lightly, those are not just written to show off but the community and moderators actually mean it. If they are saying doing so will ban your account, then your account will definitely get banned for that activity. But the good news is you can get back your account at least once, after that we don’t guarantee.

Some Common Reasons For Getting Banned on Reddit?

am i shadowbanned on reddit website

  • Promoting your own website’s links too much.
  • Submitting links from only one website.
  • If the links for a particular website crosses 10% of total then you may get banned.
  • Submitting someone’s personal info.
  • Engaging in illegal activities etc.
  • It’s better to read rediquette first.

Am I Shadowbanned?

Perhaps you did something wrong or intolerable that’s why you have been banned but still you are unsure about it, confirming things is better.

Keep in mind that getting shadowbanned doesn’t reflects anything special in your account, it appears to be same, the only difference is anything you submit after getting banned will stop reaching other community members, nobody would be able to see that, your account doesn’t exist afterwards for anyone except you.

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Now, how to check whether you are shadowbanned on Reddit or not? There are 2 simple ways to detect.

1.) Use GitHub Program

There is a website which tells whether your Reddit account has been shadowbanned or not. All you have to do is enter your Reddit account username into the text field and it will see whether it’s banned or not. The site is simple and involves nothing spammy.

You can check the nullprogram website here.

2.) Using Your Own Reddit Account

Like said earlier, getting shadowbanned will reflect nothing special of different in your account, just other community members won’t see anything posted by you and your account even, for Reddit and its community members your account doesn’t even exist.

Just perform these 3 simple steps to confirm your shadowban on reddit:

  1. Visit Reddit and login to your account.
  2. Visit your Reddit profile, say
  3. It will display all of your content, after that hit the “Logout” button on the same page.
  4. If the information and content is still displayed even after logging out then your account is okay but if it shows “404” or “Page not found” then you are possibly shadowbanned on Reddit.

How to Remove Reddit Ban?

If this has been for the first time that your account has been banned from whole Reddit site or for a particular subreddit then you can message the moderators, they will tell you why your Reddit account was banned and if you promise them to abide by and follow the rules then they will remove the ban and your account will become normal.

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But keep in mind that if you are unbanned then it doesn’t mean you are free to do anything now, getting banned next time will not get you unbanned easily, so make sure you follow the policies and keep you account in the safe zone.

These are the best ways that answers your question “Am I shadowbanned?”. Perform these and check out the status of your Reddit account.