Amazingly Best Emulators For Android to Enjoy All Console Games

So you too are a gaming freak. Right? Obviously that’s why you are here. There are a handful number of game consoles out there in the market and gaming is the new passion for almost all kids, not only kids but some adults also like to have such a fun. But with the enhancement in technologies and android development, it is easier to get those games on your smartphones now. How? The answer is by using emulators for android.

Now the question comes “Which one?”. Obviously, you have been looking for that and finally ended up here. To help you make the decision, below I have listed some emulators for android which are compatible, working, in-demand, and have satisfied a majority of gaming freaks out there.

NOTE – The functionality may depend on what device you are using.

Most Loved And Top Emulators For Android

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The list comprises both the paid and free android emulators, keeping all kind of audiences and users in mind. Here we go:

1.) PPSSPP Emulator

emulators for android

If you are a PSP fan then this is the thing to download. The app is available at Google play store which makes it easier for everyone to search for and download. You have got two choices after installing the game, either you can play homebrew games or you can add the games of your own choice in .iso or .cso format as the app don’t have games loaded by default.

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Like I said earlier the speed and functioning may vary depending upon your device, it may show some speed lags as well. The app itself says it is best for modern devices.

These are the games which app says can run – Persona 2, Persona 3 Portable, Dragon Ball Z, Little Big Planet, Burnout Legends, Burnout Dominator, Final Fantasy : Crisis Core, Final Fantasy : Type-0, Monster Hunter 2, Unite and 3: HD Remake, Soul Calibur, Tekken: Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6, Grand Theft Auto LCS / VCS, Lumines, Worms, Wipeout etc.

PRICE – FREE and PAID ($6 approx).

2.) RetroArch

retro android emulator

This is an absolutely free app to download with no paid version. It is an open source project that lets you enjoy games from different consoles like Playstation, Nintendo etc. This is totally free apps with absolutely no ads popping on the screen. There is no game in the app by default, you have to first Load the core and the game of your choice.


3.) Nostalgia.NES

best emulators for android

Like the other ones it doesn’t have any pre-loaded games in the app. It supports NES and ZIP files. We all get frustrated when we are about to complete the stage and gets killed by the enemy, this app will kill your frustration, not your player as it has the option to rewind the game and try again even after getting killed. Isn’t this amazing?


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4.) Mame4Droid Emulator

game emulator


Another free android emulator which emulates arcades games supported by the version present. After you have installed the app, place your MAME titled zipped ROMs in /sdcard/MAME4droid/roms folder on your device. It supports a majority of Bluetooth and USB gamepads which makes it, even more, interesting.

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5.) My Boy – GBA Emulator

free emulators for android

This free app is for GBA (Game Boy) which weighs less than 2 MB. One of the few emulator that supports link cable emulation.

My Boy emulator for android also comes in a premium version which provides you full functionality like linking up two different games, save progress at any time, multiple screen layout, link as a server with your friend and much more.

PRICE – FREE and PAID ($6 Approx.)

6.) MegaN64 (N64 Emulator)

emulator for android

As the name suggests, it is an emulator for N64. Before running the emulator place your games in your SD card so that the emulator can fetch it. It is the modified version of the Open Source project Mupen64+.


I will keep adding more and more emulators for android to the list to give you all wider options to choose from according to your needs and requirements. Happy Gaming.Enjoy.