Apple iPhone 6 updated Release Date and Specifications

Apple iPhone 6 updated Release Date and Specifications

Apple is one of the most preferred brand in terms of electronic gadget such as computers, laptops but especially mobile phones or smartphones. iPhone 5s and 5c were the latest release from the company and now it is the time people are waiting for Apple iPhone 6. Here you will get what rumors says about the Apple iPhone 6 release date and specs.

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The next Apple iPhone was previously expected to release on 19th September, 2014 but now the rumors says that it will release on 9th September. So it is expected to release on the particular date. iPhone 6 will be powered by Apple A8 processor ( Clock Speed of 2 GHz ).

Apple iPhone rumors have filled the internet and also have confused the people with the various improper and insufficient information regarding the smartphone. Among the various rumors the biggest of them which people searched mostly for was the display type and size. Apple fans are expecting this time a larger display then before, it has been clearly stated that the Apple iPhone 6 will be having two models, one with the screen size of 4.7 inches and the other one with screen size 5.5″.

Experts have stated that iPhone model with the screen size of 4.7 inches will be announced next month but the other model with 5.5 inch screen does not have any chance to enter into the market till 2015 arrives reason behind this is the production problem which has caused some delay in the release of other model.

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The Apple iPhone 6 with screen size 4.7 inches will have an increased resolution of 1704 x 906 pixels with a pixel density of 416. Not only the increased pixel density, it also comes with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal display.
The iPhone 6 also features ” light up notification logo ” on the rear panel which will light up whenever a new message or mail is received. The brand has implemented this light notification in the Apple logo.


Since it will be powered by Apple A8 processor so it will be quite faster in its processing as compared to the previous versions.The rumors also says that it will be powered with a specially made 2GHz processor.

iPhone 6 might have a 13 megapixel camera along with Optical Image Stabilization, with the help of which the users can click pics in the darkness as well. It may come with an inbuilt storage memory of 16, 32, 64 & 128 GB.

Technically Apple iPhone will be a more powerful smartphone or we can say that it will be a smarter phone instead of smartphone which will give a very tough competition to the other brands as well as to the previous models of Apple. Apple fans will have to rely on rumors and leaked information till the phone is released.