Atari Breakout-Play The Game Without Visiting Any Website or App

Atari breakout is a highly popular arcade game which is there for everyone to play for free, you may find it on various websites and you can get some apps also related to that but we wanted to tell you that the Atari breakout game can be played without visiting any website or installing any app on your smartphone.

What Do I Need to Play Atari Breakout Game?

  • The device you want to play game on (mobile phone, desktop, laptop, tablet)
  • Internet connection, well the connection don’t need to be too fast. Check here how fast is your internet.
  • Google

Now you have everything that you need to play this game online, you might be thinking how Google can help me play the game since it’s a search engine. Well if you don’t know then let us tell you that Google is not only a search engine to answer your queries, rather it can perform those tasks which other search engines can’t.

It has some interesting and unbelievable easter eggs tricks and some search tricks which will blow up your mind completely.

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Atari Breakout Game at Google

All you need to follow is a couple of easiest ever steps and you’ll be able to play the atari breakout game within a matter of seconds, even less than that.

1.) Visit google and type in the search box “Atari Breakout” (without quotes). Probably you have typed in the same query and landed on this page.

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2.) Now without visiting any other website just click on “Images” tab in Google.

play atari breakout

3.) Your part is done, the images page will open and convert into a game board where you can enjoy unlimited gaming for free.

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NOTE-If you still want to save more of your time then just open this URL or type in the address bar “” and then type Atari Breakout. The game will be there instantly.

Look and Concept of Breakout Game by Atari

This is how it looks in google images webpage, you can play it on any modern device that can open Google, no extra features needed. The game looks more cool on desktop or laptop since the screen is quite large, check out it’s look:

breakout game by atari

In the above image you can see some mentioned numbers and arrows, they are explained here:

  1. The number of lives you have
  2. To pause the game
  3. To mute the sound
  4. Return back to normal image search mode instead of this game mode.
  5. Your score

Enjoy playing Atari breakout game on Google for free of cost and that too unlimited number of times. Do not hesitate to post your opinion about the game in the comments.