AVG Removal Tool-Ultimate Remover to Uninstall AVG Antivirus

Antivirus is a common need for almost all of the internet surfers and computer lovers. Since the threats have increased to a large extent so it has become a need for smartphones as well and AVG is among the top trusted antiviruses of all time which is in available in 2 versions: Free and Paid, but here our focus is not getting the antivirus, our focus here is AVG Removal Tool.

The AVG remover is only for those who have already got AVG antivirus installed on their machines. AVG antivirus is available for PC, android and MAC. Nothing can meet everybody’s expectations and receive 100% positive response, AVG understands this and thus they have developed AVG removal tool for you.

What Does AVG Removal Tool Do?

This is the last resort left to uninstall AVG antivirus from your machine. If you have AVG installed on your machines and you try to uninstall it then sometimes you may see failure, it won’t be removed easily and will cause a problem. This AVG uninstaller then comes to the rescue, the AVG company knows this and they have themselves developed AVG removal tool for their users.

In short, this is basically an AVG uninstall tool that removes AVG antivirus from your machine. It removes all of the AVG files from the system including all the registry keys, user files, installation files etc.

Why to Use AVG Removal Tool?

AVG removal tool, AVG remover

Well, that’s completely your wish to use it or not. You can uninstall the AVG antivirus from the system going the traditional way, like in Windows: visit the control panel >> Programs and features >> Uninstall >> Select the software to uninstall >> Click on change/uninstall, but like I said earlier this way can cause a problem and you may face failure uninstalling the antivirus. Then you’ll have to use to this remover or uninstaller.

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How To Use AVG Uninstaller or Remover?

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Well that’s quite an easy job, this is simply like installing a software to uninstall the other. You won’t have to put in any extra effort which is too techie or tricky. Just follow these few simple steps and you’re done with the job.

1.) Visit the official AVG site and download the AVG removal tool. It is recommend to download it from their official site only. You can get the latest version here on this page.

2.) It will be a tool named as “AVG Remover” which will not be more than 10MB. Download it.

3.) After the download has completed, open the file (installer), you may see a warning like “All of the AVG components will be removed from your computer”, click on “Yes” button to proceed.

4.) After that you’ll see some actions going on in the Command Prompt.

5.) Once the uninstallation has finished, it’ll ask you to reboot/restart your computer. Just reboot it as it’s necessary for complete removal.

6.) You’ll not find any AVG antivirus file on your machine after your computer restarts.

Hope you’ve got your antivirus uninstalled this time properly using AVG Remover.