Top Music Download App For Android to Download MP3 on The go

I think we all are addicted to listening music. Personally, I just love to listen to music in my free time, especially when I am traveling, the car just goes on with speed and I enjoy the songs in my headphones (when I am not driving).

Along with the music, movies are also a great source of entertainment and when I have no new movie on my phone or laptop then I watch new movies online. You may already be having a great collection of MP3 music in your phone, but eventually, you get bored of those songs and want something new to listen. At that time, you can go for a search on Google for new songs or you can have new songs on your devices using these music download sites but if you don’t want to go for a web search then use the music download app which I am going to tell now.

Best Music Download App For Android Phones

1.) SoundCloud

music download app

SoundCloud with a whopping 50 million downloads on Android only has been the first choice of many music lovers. I have also mentioned SoundCloud in this article as it is available as a website also to download free and legal music.

This is just like online music player, all you have to do is install the app, open it, it will ask you to create an account, but instead of clicking on create an account, click on “Sign in”, it will show you an option to sign in with Google, since you are using android phone so you already have a Google account, it will sign you in, after that it’s your time to explore, you can play them online and minimize the app, the music won’t stop.

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You may check out our updated and latest music downloader free apps page for more applications and tools.

2.) Free MP3 Downloads

music download app to download mp3

One of the best song downloader app on Android. This application is available in different languages like English, German, Russian, Indonesian, Brazilian, Portuguese and Lithuanian languages. It let you play music in its music player as well.

Only download this app if you like to listen o random music because I have tried the app personally before presenting it to you and it is really very poor if you want to get a specific music, you type something and it displays a list of something else. First I tried to search Bollywood music, it gave me useless results then I gave it one more try by searching for Eminem songs, it failed again and did not gave me the song I was looking for but provided me with a list of songs which I have never of, so if you like to listen to random music then go for it.

If you want to look for a particular song then SoundCloud should be the one.

3.) AudioMack

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To be very true I was confused about what app to put on number 3 spot as I tried several apps, most of them which were not on Google Play Store but available on some third party sites and after trying them I seriously wanted to throw my phone away because they didn’t work at all.

After a lot of research I found AudioMack, thankfully it worked wonders. I search for few songs and it gave me the accurate results. You can search for the music you want or you can go with the list they have provided categorized into “Trending”, “Latest Added”, “New Albums”, “New Songs”, you can filter them by time.

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I would definitely recommend this one.

4.) 4Shared Music

download mp3 app

It will ask you to create an account, just click on “Connect With Google”, it may pop up two dialogue box telling about other apps just neglect it, those are advertisements.

With over 50 million downloads, it has a huge fan following and still growing. Once again before recommending it to you, I tested it and just because of the results I got it is here on the list. It has something for everyone, for those who love English music, for those who love Hindi songs, for everyone.

The database may not have everything but it still will give you something. Song downloader app worth giving a try.

5.) MP3 Download Free (Not Working Now)

download mp3 music

This music download app has not got that much exposure, but it’s way better than those which have got a huge number of downloads. No sign up, no messy user interface, it has given you a simple search box to search for music, type in your query and it will display the results within 30 seconds. It may pop up ads, but that should be fine as it is charging no fee for providing music.

Which music download app you found most interesting and useful? If you know about any other mp3 downloader that offers free music download then do let me know via comments.