Best Binary to Decimal and Other Unit Translators For Easy Conversion

Binary numbers are expressed using two numbers – 0(zero) and 1(one), this system is referred to as binary numeral system or base-2 numeral system as per wiki. This language is often used in digital electronics as machines do not understand human language, you can get some info about binary numbers here and basics of binary here. Decimal numbers are the numbers we use in daily life and mathematics, the base 10 numbers like 1,2,3,4 and so on are decimal numbers. Binary numbers can be converted to decimal using these binary to decimal translators and free converters.

We have listed below some binary translator which work perfectly, some of them are just for binary to decimal conversion but some do other conversions as well which we’ll be telling with every online tool separately and in brief.

Online Binary to Decimal Translator

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binary to decimal translator

1.) Rapid Tables

I know you cannot always head over to an online tool for converting binary to decimal, you need to know the method also, if you know it already then well and good but in case you don’t know then this is the tool for you.

This is a very simple tool to use, just enter the binary number you want to convert to decimal and hit the convert button, it will show you two results immediately: i.) The converted binary to decimal. ii.) The calculation of conversion.

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This would be a very good tool if you want to see the calculation of conversion also. Along with binary to decimal conversion tool, it also has some other tools like:

Decimal to binary, binary to hex, binary to ASCII text, hex to decimal, octal to decimal, hex to ASCII, and many more, you can find the list of complete tools on the page.

You may also find this useful: How to extract hex code from image.

2.) Code Beautify

Again a simple yet amazing tool. It gives you three options: i.) Type/paste the binary code. ii.) Load the code from a URL online. iii.) Browse a file from your system. After that hit the “Convert” button and it will show the results immediately without loading the page again.

Just like the previous one it is also loaded with several other tools but it has a huge collection of tools, the list of which you can find at the bottom of their website.


Just select the conversion from the drop down menu and start converting your codes. The best part about this online tool is that you don’t need to press any button after typing, it will start showing you the converted code side by side in another box which makes it super easy and comfortable to use.

Along with binary to decimal it offer some other conversions as well like:

Binary to decimal decimal to binary, binary to text, binary to hexadecimal, decimal to hexadecimal, hexadecimal to binary, decimal to octal, octal to decimal, binary to octal, octal to binary, hexadecimal to octal, octal to hexadecimal, text to binary.

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Nothing new or exciting, just enter the digits and hit the click on “Convert” button, it will display you the result, below that you can see the same result written in the form of base numbers. They also have a decimal to binary translator in case you want a reverse.

5.) Exploring Binary

You get decimal to binary and binary to decimal conversion tools on the same page, just like the previous one it is a simple tool which gives the output upon hitting “Convert” button. If you want to do some calculations with binary numbers then their Binary calculator comes handy and is easy to use, here is the tool.

They do have some other tools which you can find on their website.


There is nothing much to say about this tool, just enter the binary digits and get the converted decimal output within a second as it does not loads the page for conversion.

These were the best and working online free binary to decimal translator which also perform other conversions depending upon what you want.