20+ Free Movie Apps Every Movies Lover Should Install

We exactly know how much you love watching movies as that is one of the reason you have landed here on this page for genuine and decent free movie apps. A huge proportion of people love movies and we are also among them. Gone are those days when you have to rely on other things to watch your favorite movies as these movie apps for OS like android and iOS have made it super easy to stream movies on mobile phones anytime and anywhere.

Which smartphone application you would choose to stream movies online? Well that is the main question we are dealing with here and to clear out your confusion we have crafted this huge list of movies apps, hard work belongs to us and entertainment belongs to you 😉

Best Free Movie Apps For Android and iOS

Before we move on to the free apps for movies streaming we would love to tell you that FocusAndLeap.com has already published a resource on movies which lists amazingly superb free movie websites, you can check it out. Now let’s get back to the smartphone solution to watching movies online.

best free movie apps


1.) Flipps

One of the best movie apps that people do love, the app is officially available on Google play store and is free to download. The concept and features of this app are really amusing, it lets you watch movies, news or YouTube videos on your smartphone or you can also connect it to your TV and stream on bigger screen. The best part is you don’t need any additional hardware or software to connect it to your TV.

It supports Samsung TV, LG TV, Sony TV, Apple TV, XBox, Chromecast and android or iOS devices. You can also watch any internet video on your TV just by pasting the URL in the app’s search box. If you don’t want to stream on TV then enjoy the same on your smartphone.

The app is available for android and iOS. Get the android movie app here and the iOS app here.

2.) MobDro

mobdro movie app

Well you probably won’t have heard of this mobile streaming app as this is not that much popular among so called “Top 10 Lists of movie apps” but this one deserves to be on the list. The app is having lots of features with 2 versions i.e Free and Premium. You can get one according to your needs.

The great part is they are there to listen and answer your problems. If you face any problem while streaming videos then just visit them and put up your question. You can download it here (for android only) or get complete info as well.

3.) Show Box

showbox free movie apps

One of the highly popular movie apps on the internet and so among users. Based on our research some people have complained of it not working and some are highly satisfied with its performance and it should definitely be given a try. The app is available for android and PC only as of now but not on Google play store.

It gives you decent features like downloading the videos and watching them offline just like the above apps. You can download the app from this page. It’s for android users only, sorry apple fanboys.

4.) Mega Box HD

Again a popular movie app for android and tablet users which is not available on google play store, so you’ll to install the apk version of the app. As per the app info, it is daily updated and you can easily navigate within the app to locate movies according to niche, categories, genre etc.

The app is free to use and you can download it from this link. Do not hesitate to report back if the link doesn’t work.

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5.) Crackle

This is also one of the most famous movie sites which had been serving people since years online. First of all let us make you understand that you are looking for free resources to stream movies on mobile phones and as everybody in this world needs to earn their bread and better so you should expect to see some ads, there is nothing wrong in that.

Still if you don’t want them to earn their living then you can go ahead with ad blockers for android.

Now the app is quite good and you can think of having it installed on your mobile phones. It doesn’t provide you with “Download” button to download your favorite videos but still it is a genuine app. Get it here.

6.) Tubi TV

One of the best and still one of the most loved free movie apps that you can choose with your eyes closed. Users are quite satisfied and they should be after all the app works so effortlessly and efficiently.

It is a complete package of entertainment which serves you the popular movies and TV series which you can watch anytime anywhere without spending a penny on it, they accept that there will be ads but not that much plus the database is updated every week.

There is no need to register with your credit cards to enjoy the movies which makes it super easy and possible for those who don’t have one. Get it on Google Play Store.

7.) Viewster

Another famous movie streaming website which is also available as android movie apps. Watch movies, TV series and Anime on your android with Viewster app. It also supports chromecast. No need to pay anything, just install it from here and you’re good to go.

8.) Bobby Movie

After a long list of movie apps for android here is the app which is only for iOS users. This might not be available on iTunes store but still you can get the app. Filter the movies based on genres, save them as bookmarked, watch HD on full screen mode and enjoy frequent updates.

It is available on this page to download and install.

You may like this – Music downloader to get any music on the go.

9.) Cinema Box

This is the app which is available for both android and iOS users. The app is quite simple to use, after you install the app on your mobile device just open up the app and start exploring and watching, no additional setting or registration is required in order to play movies online. Here is the apk download link.

10.) YouTube

Wait! How can we forget the largest video streaming website in the whole world, it’s YouTube. The only reason it’s not on the top is it takes a little more time for movie to be featured on the website and that’s totally acceptable. We don’t think there is a need to introduce YouTube to anyone of you, just get the app and start enjoying your favorite movies. Get android app here and iOS app here.

In case YouTube or any particular video is blocked in your region then you can check out this post to unblocked YouTube.

11.) HotStar

You probably may have heard of this app since it telecasts it’s advertisements on digital media. You can watch movies, your favorite TV shows and live sports as well. The app is free to use, you may experience some ads though. Android users can download the app here. The app is quite good for Bollywood movies.

12.) Voot

Whether you want to watch your favorite TV shows, movies or cartoons it is available on Voot under one roof. The services are free to avail and it does have a great fan base. Download it from Google play store.

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13.) Hubi

The main functions of Hubi app are : Streaming and Downloading. You can either stream the movies online or download them to enjoy later without spending a dime. It gives you a lot of choices like what video player you would like to use, whether you want to stream or download. No flash player is required to watch any video and it does support Ice-cream sandwich android version effortlessly.

You can either enjoy their services free of cost with ads included or you can rid of ads just by paying a small fee, the choice is totally yours. With around 39 streaming services it becomes quite easy for you to get the movie.

14.) Free Movies

If you want classic old movies then this is the app you should definitely go for but if you want recently released and latest movies then choose some other app from the list. The database is filled with over 5,000 movies and all of them follow HTML5 that means you don’t flash players to run the movies. For those who don’t know HTML5 is the language which is totally supported by smartphones. Download link (for android users).

15.) Big Star Movies

If you want to enjoy the movies which have won hearts then just download this app. For those who only want Hollywod flicks, this is not for you. Download it here.

Check out – Free movies websites to stream movies online.

16.) Yidio

Just like there are apps to let you decide the best place to book tickets for travelling, similarly this is the app which guides you where you can watch a particular movies. Some of them are completely free to enjoy while some are paid. This is your complete movies and TV show guide. It searches over 27 resources to find the best streaming place for you. Download the app from here. Also available for iOS users, get it here.

17.) Popcorn Flix

This one also is a popular movie streaming website which is available for smartphone lovers as apps. The database of movies is updated and daily and there is absolutely no limit for streaming. Download it from Google play store.

18.) Snag Films

Another reliable and one of the best free movie apps you can get on your device to watch free movies online. They have some amazing collection of classic movies and some recent also. Along with that you can also watch documentaries and TV shows for absolutely no cost. Here is the download link.

Topmost Movie Apps Names

To conclude here is the complete list of free movie apps listed above so that you can go through all of their names at once:

  • Flipps
  • MobDro
  • Show Box
  • Mega Box HD
  • Crackle
  • Tubi TV
  • Viewster
  • Bobby Movies
  • Cinema Box
  • YouTube
  • Hotstar
  • Voot
  • Hubi
  • Free movies
  • Big Star movies
  • Yidio
  • Popcorn Flix
  • Snag Films

The list will always stay updated so that you can get the best recommendation among all free movie apps. Do not feel shy to share these movie apps on social networking sites and feel free to post your experience via comments or you may also use the below rating form to submit your opinion, just give it a star rating.