Best Free Resume Templates For a Better Impression

Ever heard of the saying “First impression is the last impression”? Whether you are applying for a job online or offline, resume is a must for both of them and it is the first thing that can make a better impression on the employer from your side, so never ever compromise with your resume if you really want to land that job. FAL now here shares the free resume templates so that your CV looks incredibly appealing.

You have two choices now:

  1. Either create a resume yourself using online builders for free or
  2. Get the free resume templates, choose the best and edit it with your information in word or any other format.

If you want to go with the 1st method then we have something amazing for you, create a resume with these CV builders.

In case you don’t want to go for those free online CV builder tools and want to choose among the free resume templates then here on this page we have shared some best and free CV template having different resume format.

Free Resume Templates Collection

All resumes are not same, the resume format may different for every CV template, that depends on you and the type of job you are about to apply for, that’s why we have shared here various free resume templates having different resume format so that you can get the CV of your choice.

Here are the main categories of the resumes we are sharing here:

  • Simple resume template
  • Designer/portfolio templates
  • Modern CV templates
  • Resume templates for ATS
  • Organized layouts

Lets first start with the basic section i.e simple resume format.

Simple Resume Template

You may find thousands of free resume templates in the category of simple but we are only sharing the selected ones.

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1.) Simple Resume Template 1

Simple, sober and sophisticated template you can use to build your resume and show your face as well.

free resume templates

Download here.

2.) Simple Template 2

Give a brief information about you with this free resume template.

cv template

Download here.

3.) Simple Template 3

Impress the employer with this simple and elegant resume template. The fonts used and the style used to represent the technical and education details is quite awesome.

resume template

Download here.

4.) Simple Template CV 4

Bulleted information is easy to read and remember and this is among the free resume templates that uses this trick, the information about you will be provided in bullet form which will make it easier for employer to read and remember about your details.

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free resume template

Download here.

5.) Simple and clean resume template 5

This is a bit colorful with some appealing graphics and images, best suitable for clean, basic and simple free resume template.

free cv templates

Download from here.

Designer/Portfolio Resume Templates Free Download

Above we shared some simple, basic and clean formats for resume, it’s time to get a little bit stylish. If you are up to creative job like photographer then these kind of resume templates works the best.

1.) Photographer Resume Template 1

This is one of the perfect free resume templates that a photographer can use to apply for jobs, the format will definitely attract the eyes of employer gearing up your chances of getting noticed and selected.

free resume templates for portfolio

Download from here.

2.) Photographer Resume Template 2

Another awesome photography based resume template, it is not a compulsion that you have to use this resume template for photography related job applications only, you can edit the resume in microsoft word and change the design and pictures according to your need.

CV template

Download from here.

3.) Technical Portfolio Template

The templates is suitable for those who belongs to technology field like programming, engineering, architecture etc. The resume displays your skills in the flow chart format which makes it quite appealing and cool.

technical resume format

Download from here.

4.) Portfolio Template 4

Another images and graphic based portfolio template that you can use freely for building your professional resume.

resume templates free

Download from here.

Modern CV Templates

It’s time to get a bit modernized, the resume is sober yet modern. It indeed puts a good impression on the one who is checking out your resume, be it your employer or your friend.

1.) Modern template 1

Showcase your skills, talent and other qualifications in a tabular form which seems more organized and gentle. The default colors are enough to impress the employer.

modern free resume templates

Download from here.

2.) Modern Template 2

A gracefully developed resume template available to you for free of cost. Edit this resume format using Microsoft word, easily editable.

free cv template

Download from here.

3.) Modern Template 3

A professional looking resume template indeed, this shows you as an expert in your field, the way it portrays you is beautiful in itself.

resume templates

Download from here.

4.) Modern Template 4

The format of this Curriculum Vitae (CV) will help the employer to understand and spot your talent easily since the color scheme and format is easily readable.

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resume format template

Download from here.

ATS Optimized Resume Template

Today most of the jobs are robots, these bots are replacing humans in almost every field and there is a high chance that the company you are applying in uses ATS machine to read your resumes, now it should be optimized according to that so here are some elegant and bot optimized free resume templates.

1.) ATS Resume Template 1

Simple, sober, easily readable both by humans and machines, get it for free and edit your information.

ats free resume templates

Download from here.

2.) ATS  Resume Template 2

It is quite organized and appealing keeping in mind that it is specially designed for bots to read, still a human will find it attractive enough.

resume templates free

Download from here.

3.) ATS Template 3

download resume templates

Last but not the least in the section of ATS free resume templates. This will present your information in bulleted manner which is more easy to read even by machines.

Download from here.

Organized Resume Templates

To the last section of our free resume templates, everything organized seems better, it looks clean, it looks gentle and same goes with the resume templates.

1.)  Organized Resume Template 1

A decent and beautifully organized resume template with blue as it’s default color, you can customize it in any way you want.

free resume templates

Download from here.

2.) Organized Resume Template 2

This is almost like the previous one with a little bit changes including the color scheme, represents the data in tabular form.

tabular resume template

Download from here.

3.) Organized Resume Template 3

The free resume templates that displays the skills and qualifications in bulleted, tabular and bar chart form, one of the most liked and simply creative CV template.

bar chart free resume template

Download from here.

4.) Download Resume Template 4

This is among the free resume templates which are easy to read and memorize since most things are in bullet styles which you can change depending upon your requirements.

free resume templates download

Download from here.

All of the above free resume templates are free to use and editable via Microsoft word, download the CV templates and start editing. Best wishes from our side, may you land a perfect job, if you want our help then check out this page to get a better job.