Most Loved Launchers For Android-Apps That Have Won Hearts

If you can get a fresh and new look just by installing an app then why stay with the default boring look and design. Android has come a long way to make things easy for us with its millions of apps. People use phone and then they get bored by seeing the same thing again and again, for those who easily get bored by their phones, these launchers for android can help them stick to their smartphones for long time.

These android launchers can give your phone’s design a 180 degree turn and transform it completely to something else. Lets discuss some of the most loved launchers for android phone which have definitely won the hearts and attention of android freaks.

Top Launchers For Android Among Users

Keep in mind that the list is not about rankings of android launchers, it’s about most loved launcher apps which most of the people have preferred installing on their devices.

best launchers for android

1.) Nova Launcher

Mostly everyone has shown love to Nova, in a short survey conducted by me on Reddit nova got thumbs up by almost every voter and in other discussions too Nova got positive feedback. With over 582K 5 Star ratings on the Google play store, Nova has become quite favorite among android users.

Customize options are also quite satisfying which won’t let you get bored of this launcher easily.

Price: Free and Paid (at the time of writing this article, paid version is on Sale for $0.15).

2.) Apex Launcher

It has got great reviews from MakeUseOfUs, Pocket Now, Droid life. It also has a theme engine from where you can get lots of themes, icon packs, skins etc on Play Store. With approximately 9 home screen layouts you can give your phone a fresh and cool look every time. The scrollable dock supports up to  icons per page and up to 5 pages, this dock can be hidden as well.

The above mentioned are few features of this launcher though there are many more.

Price: Free and Paid.

3.) Action Launcher 3

One of the most loved launchers for android, Action Launcher 3. List all of your apps in a drawer which looks quite good. Don’t like the name of any app? Change the name of any app. If you’ve been using any other launcher like Apex, Nova, Google Now Launcher, HTC Sense, Samsung/Galaxy TouchWiz and the stock Android launcher then you can directly import the layout to Action Launcher 3.

Price: FREE

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4.) Smart Launcher

Simple yet very effective and loved android launcher. Get all of your notifications on the home screen, the layout is single but you can get hundreds of themes for the launcher. It also requires low resources of your phone like RAM to speed up your phone and thus consumes less battery. Ability to turn off the screen by just double tapping or placing the phone on flat surface is quite unique although it may be very frustrating for some.

Price: Free and Paid

5.) Lightening Launcher

This launcher for android has no free version. It has already won hearts of those who want great customization as it does offer that level of customization. A beginner should first go with the other launchers for android and then should think of buying it.

In short, if you are ready to customize your phone according to you then this is the app for you, some reviewers have also called it as the “Photoshop of launchers”.

Price: PAID

6.) ADW.Launcher

Another one of the most loved launchers for android: ADW. With over 10M downloads and epic reviews this has surely given a quality to its users. There might be no ads to interrupt you like see in other launchers, if you like the free version then the paid version would definitely be giving a try.

One thing that I don’t like about this launcher is that it was last updated in 2013 as per Google Play Store and you can expect no support from them.

Price: Free and Paid

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7.) Total Launcher

This is one of a kind launcher app for android which can give your android phone a new and completely unique look from others. Whether you want simple look or beautiful look for the home screen, you can give it a try. Customization is also very good.

The developer said this in the intro of app: “I would like to tell you just one phrase. “Press and hold it to edit it”. You can customize it, whatever it is.”

Total launcher is basically the next generation/successor to SSlauncher but that doesn’t mean you can restore the backup from SS Launcher, it’s not compatible. You’re most likely to get the support from the developer as well.

Price: Free

8.) Arrow Launcher

This android launcher is owned by Windows King i.e Microsoft and users are quite satisfied with what they have done in android development. Since this is from Microsoft so you might get tracked, in case you don’t want them to spy on you then opt out from it in the settings.

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It arranges the apps according to the usage, this feature is gonna save your time as you can expect to see those apps on the front which you use the most. Set any page as your page, hide a page or change their positions in the customization.

Price: Free

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9.) Google Now Launcher

The name itself tells who owns this, you’re right, it’s Google’s launcher for android. Although it has seen a huge number of downloads but many many users don’t it that much, this is the only reason why this app is not on the top of this list launcher for android phone.

For those who like to customize their phone according to their needs, this is definitely NOT for you.

Price: Free

10.) Atom Launcher

This app comes with built in “Theme Maker” which allows you to create your own theme by gallery and theme images. If you’ve been using any other launcher and don’t want to leave the previous home screen then you can import it to Atom Launcher as well, this will make you feel like home. You can do a lot with icons. You can access 20 apps instantly with the dock bar.

Price: Free

11.) ZenUI Launcher

Have you ever heard of ASUS launcher? Yes? This is the ASU laucher which has been launched with the name ZenUI. Customizing options are quite good and useful. Group your apps to different categories and make your phone appear less messy and clear. It has also integrated AppLock and Hide App features to give you more privacy.

You don’t need to apply the settings permanently after customization as you can preview it first and change it accordingly. Users can organize the apps in One Layer mode i.e using all apps on the home screen or Two Layer mode i.e using apps with home screen shortcut.

Well, nothing can satisfy every user as everyone’s needs are different. It is not compulsory that each of the above mentioned launchers for android will amuse you. What’s you favorite by the way?

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