Best Volume Booster Apps for Android With Sound Equalizer

You seem quite unsatisfied with the volume of your android phone speaker, that’s the problem of many android users since every android smartphone is not equipped with quality speakers or sound system, this technical problem can be healed up to some extent by using some real volume booster apps that can enhance the sound quality and volume of your android device.

You already know that Google play store is filled with millions of apps but no one can guarantee the best performance for every single app, not even Google Inc itself and it can be a really tiring and frustrating job to try out every volume booster’s performance. You don’t need to burst out with frustration as you can try the below sound enhancer and booster apps since these are one of the best.

Do I Need to Root my Phone to Use These Volume Booster?

Your question is genuine as there are many apps which demands the phone to be rooted and same goes with the sound booster apps, yes there are some which ask you to root your android phone but study shows there is a proportion of android users who don’t like to root their devices.

For those here are the apps for boosting sound which works for non rooted android devices as well.

Are These Sound Booster Paid?

Well you can go for the paid apps also but in this list most of them are FREE to use. On this note we would like to introduce you to Aptoide Market where you can get cracks of paid android apps also and those are genuine and secure.

List of Best Volume Booster App

These apps works as all in one since they act as bass booster, treble booster because most of them they have equalizer sound booster functionality. Listening on the headphones while using these will be the best choice as they work better with headphones.

CAUTION – Too much loud sound can damage your ears. You can check your hearing capacity here for free with this online test.

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1.) Equalizer Music Player Booster

volume booster app

This is one of the most loved sound booster app which is preferred by many of it’s users, the apps falls under “Editor’ Choice” category. Downloaded by more than 15 million android users and with a great positive word of mouth this is definitely a good choice to go for.

The app is both feature and visually appealing. You get some interesting features like:

  • Bass booster
  • Music player
  • Creating custom sound effects etc.

2.) Music Equalizer Volume

free volume booster

Just like the previous one you can alter the music according to your taste and create custom effects. It comes with quite good quality bass booster. The apps specially suggests you to use headphones for best performance.

Along with music player it works for video players also and gives a sound boost for your videos as well, just adjust the frequency and sound level and let it run in the background, then open your default video player and play the video.

This is only for you: Best Music Downloader to get free music immediately.

3.) Volume Booster EQ

sound booster

This app has got an average 4.4 rating from it’s users on Google play store and it deserves such ratings. You get awesome features like 10 band equalizer, effects like:

  • Bass booster
  • Virtualizer
  • Line visualizer view
  • Re-verb presets etc.

For those who don’t have enough memory left on their android devices, this is not less than a boon as the app weighs 1.1MB only.

Get app here.

Note : If the app does not work normally, please turn off other music player or Equalizer apps running in the background and try again.

4.) Equalizer & Bass Booster

bass booster

With an average 4.2 ratings on Play Store, this app has managed people to love it for awesome functionality. This app has an inbuilt music player but if you want then you can use it with your previous installed music player also, its compatible with all music players.

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As of now the app is not working with Galaxy Core,Galaxy S5,ONE TOUCH.

Some of the features that may interest you:

  • Bass booster
  • Treble booster
  • Volume booster
  • Mono L/R
  • Adjustable volume labels.
  • Visualizer view window.

5.) Bass Booster Equalizer Pro

Its ratings are more than the size of this app, with ratings being 4.4 and size being 2.1MB only. It makes your inbuilt music player more awesome, the app claims to be fully optimized for mobiles and tablets.

Some of its key features:

  • Bass boost effect
  • 22 equalizer preset
  • Virtualizer effects
  • 3D surround sound
  • 3 desktop widget
  • No root required

This may not work with every music player as some have their own equalizer and others are not compatible, to make it work disable other equalizer, restart your phone and try again.

6.) Speaker Booster

speaker booster

This app boosts the inbuilt the music player and promises to increase the sound by 15-30% depending upon the configuration of your device. Previous apps wanted you to use headphone for best performance but this app works for headphones and speakers also.

Along with music player enhanced performance you may also see a difference in alarm, ringer and voice call level.

7.) Volume Booster

volume boosters

This app may or may not work with your device, if it worked then the volume will be boosted to a great level, if not then try some other app from the list. There are no complicated settings that you need to make, simple and easy to use.

Get the app here.

These were some of the best and reliable volume booster apps available for free on google play store that can enhance your sound quality with features like equalizer and sound booster. If there is any not so popular speaker booster then you can drop a suggestion.