How To Clear Google Search History on Android

Clear Google Search History Android

Like others you may too not want your friends or family to see your Google browsing history. Whenever someone borrows yous android phone to do some sort of browsing then you do not them to see the history as the history will be made seen to them the moment they open Google in auto complete box.
For avoiding this kind of situation you might be looking for the way to clear Google search history android.

There are number of ways you can follow to delete your Google search history depending upon the type of deletion you want I mean whether you want to delete some specific search items ( 2 or 3 search items ) or whether there is a big list you want to delete.
Here I am going to show you both the ways to clear search history on android. Here we go :-


Note – Your Google Search App must be up to date.

Clear Google Search History Android – Method 1

The first method I am going to show is for a big list or large number of search items you want to delete.
I.) To clear large number of search items from Google history first of all log in to your Google account in a browser on your Android smartphone.

II.) After you have successfully logged in to your Google account, you will be brought to Google Homepage.

III.) At the bottom of the page, you will see an option called ” Settings”, just click on that.

IV.) After that you will be able to see some options. Click on the “History” option, in case there is an option like “Manage” beside the history option then click on Manage button.

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V.) It will bring you to the page from where you can manage it.

VI.) A complete list of searches will be displayed to you having a check box in front of each list item.

VII.) From this list select the boxes you want to delete from the history and hit Remove button at the top of list.

VIII.) You can have a look to the older entries by hitting the older tab beside Remove option.

Your selected list items will be deleted forever from the search history.

This was the method for deleting Google Search history having a long items, but in case you only want to delete 2 or 3 entries then you don’t have to do all this, even there is no need to log in to your Google account to do so, just a few second game and you are done.Here we go :-

How to Remove Google Search History On Android – Method 2

I.) This one is quite simple and a few second task to perform. If you are operating your android device in landscape mode then touch the Google Icon on the left side and if you are using your device right now in portrait mode then just touch the Google search box.

II.) After you see the search page on the screen, touch the search box where you type to for anything.

III.) The moment you touch it, a few last search items will be displayed just below the search box like auto complete.

IV.) All you need to do is look for the item you want to delete, hold it with you finger until a dialogue appears on the screen asking you for the removal of this item, touch OK and you are done.

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Your specific search item is removed from the list. As simple as that.

These were the two simple methods to clear Google Search history on android. Hope it helped you out and you found the article about how to remove Google search history on android useful and helpful.