Clef – Two Factor Authentication To Login Without Password

Time is money and protection is our priority. If you manage multiple websites then you may have different usernames and different passwords and it might have happened to you that you may have forgotten the password which is really annoying until we get to remember the one. Here is when Clef enters. A two factor authentication.

I like to explore and recently I came across a system, a method which makes it very easy for us to get into our websites, which won’t require you to enter the username and the password even, only one thing you’ll need and that is your smartphone which I think is with everyone every time and everywhere. Am I right ? I think I am and clef too, a 2 step verification also needs this only plus a plugin which is absolutely free to use.

An Introduction To Clef

Till now you may have got an idea what clef is and what am I trying to tell you. If not then you’ll get it now. In short, it is one of the best method to login to your website without entering your username and password. It uses wave feature to help you log in to your site, just like a bar code, in which your mobile phone acts as a scanner.

Here is what that wave looks like on your smartphone and computer screen both :-

clef wave

The same wave you will see on your mobile phone when you’ll open the clef app.

How To Use Clef App

1.) The very first thing you need to do is download the clef plugin on your websites and the clef app on your smartphone.

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2.) The next step would be configure it on your phone and website as well.

3.) Open the app on your mobile device, it will ask you to set up a pin, enter a 4 digit pin which you can easily remember, this is for security purpose so that no one else other than you can have access to your site until he enters the pin. The configuration setting for mobile device is finished now its time to set up it on admin panel.

4.) In your website on the sidebar (for WordPress) you will see an option like this – Clef (needs setup),this is because you haven’t configured it yet.

5.) Click on that “Clef (needs setup)” option, it will take you to Clef page, click on Get Started there.

6.) It will ask you to download the app, if you haven’t downloaded it yet download and click on “I already have the app”.

7.) It will ask you to register with an email, use your valid email to get started.

8.) After that it will display you the settings option, enable the login feature with clef wave, set the other settings according to your needs.

9.) If you have multiple users on your site then you may enable it for them also and let me notify the new feature to login to wordpress website without entering password, a 2 step verification method you just have added.

10.) You may check it out now, log out of your website, it will show you the clef login page instead of the traditional log in page.

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Login Page Before Installing Clef

2 step verification, clef plugin

Login Page After Installing Clef

clef wave

How To Login Using Clef

It is really very simple to login using clef, all you have to do is visit the website login page, you will see a wave on your screen, now open the clef app in your mobile phone, place your mobile phone with rear camera facing the screen, overlap both the waves, congrats, you are logged in successfully. Watch Out This Video : –

Common Questions People Ask :-

1.) What if I lost my phone ?

No need to worry about it, visit the clef website, from there you can disable it . You are still safe.

2.) What If I switch to a new mobile phone ?

Again, no need to worry you can reactivate it also from clef website.

3.) Is it free to use ?

Yes, it is absolutely free. The plugin as well as the app.

4.) Can all users on my website use this feature for logging without entering password ?

Yes for sure, you can even notify them from clef admin panel about the feature you have added.

Over To You :-

Its your time to speak now. I have tested it personally, it works fine but yeah don’t get frustrated if the app crashes very often, just kill the recent apps and open it again. What are your views about it ? I would love to hear from you.