Clip Converter-Add Download Button to Official YouTube Website

Well another method that can help you get YouTube and like sites uploaded videos as MP3 audios and videos as well. I have already shared more than 15 methods here on Focus And Leap through which you can either download YouTube videos or convert videos from sites like YouTube to MP3 online but this time it’s clip converter.

Now you may say what’s the difference between those methods and this one. You’ll get to know soon but to give you an idea this one is easier and convenient in comparison to those.

How Clip Converter is an Easier Way to Get YouTube Videos?

online clip converter

I would like to answer this in a short sentence – “Using this method you won’t have to leave your tab and open a new tab manually just to visit another site for conversion or downloading.” Does that make sense? I think so.

But this “NO TAB LEAVING CONVERSION” is right now only for YouTube, still you can use it for other sites like Vimeo.

How to Use YouTube Clip Converter?

This tool is basically a downloader and converter both. There are two ways you can use this tool to download or convert YouTube videos as MP3 audios and video:

i.) Copying the URL and pasting it, just like we do for other online video converter tools.

ii.) Installing the Chrome extension which will add the downloading or converting button at YouTube so that you don’t have to open the site manually every time you want to download or convert any video.

Let me explain both the methods separately:

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i.) Just visit YouTube, look out for the video you want to download or convert that video to MP3. Copy it’s URL and paste it on this page. You can paste other site’s URL also like Vimeo.

Now here comes the second method which is quite interesting and easier:

  • Visit the convert tool addon page and select the browser you want to install addon for. This addon is completely free and it will not install any other other script or software to your machine.
  • Click on install button. Follow the procedure (it’s different for every browser), it’s quite simple and easy.
  • After you have got the addon installed on your browser visit YouTube to check, you’ll see something like this:

YouTube and Vimeo clip converter

You can see these 3 buttons which I have highlighted have been added to YouTube video, just hit the click on these buttons and you are good to go.

Right now, this add on is only available for chrome, firefox and safari browsers. If you are using any other browser then follow the first method.

You can even upload files from your machine to it and get the conversion done.

Formats Clip Converter Support:

Audio MP3 M4A AAc

YouTube 4K videos are also supported. If you want to download or convert in other formats which currently this tool doesn’t support then check out my other recommendations where you can also find alternatives to clip converter as well.