Create a Resume Online Easily With These CV Builders

You call it by different names, resume, CV (Curriculum Vitae). What is a CV? In simple words it is your reflection that will be shown to the employer when you’ll appear for a job which will include your qualifications, experience, professional skills, interests, your education etc. and you should create a resume in a way that it impresses your employer.

If you don’t have any idea about how to create a resume then you’re at the right place. Either you can hire a person who is in this profession to create a creative resume for you or you can do it by yourself, don’t do it using MS Word, you need to give it a professional and clean look not a messy one. In that case these websites will help you out, you can use these online services to make a resume which speaks positive things about you.

Websites to Create a Resume

Most of the websites mentioned here are free.

how to create a resume

1.) CeeVee

They ask for you to sign up first and then lets you create your CV. It is not only a resume builder but a job seeking place as well. What you have to do is sign up with your correct email and phone number (an invitation code will be sent via SMS or call), once you confirm your account you’ll be brought to the page where you need to fill all the details about you, it will be created.

At the top right corner you can see a tab like “Invitations”, this is the place where you can see all the invitations or responses to your resume. A good website to go with.

2.) Visual CV

Visit the site, click on “Build Resume Now” and it will take you to the designing page where first it will ask for your info like name and email so that it can send a copy of CV there. Basically it is a freemium service which means Free+Premium, you have to select a template or design for your CV, some are free and some are paid. After you choose the template its time to fill out your info.

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Once you have finished up all the info, it will give your info the shape of the template you chose in the beginning. Free resumes also look appealing.

3.) Online CV Generator

This is easier than the above two in terms of usage. You don’t need to sign up, it has its predefined template, all you need to do is keep filling your details it ask for and keep hitting the next button, when it’s done you can get it as PDF file. If you need to need make some changes in that then either you can create it again or edit that PDF online for free.

4.) CV Maker

You can use this online tool to create a resume without signing up but I would advice you to sign up first as it will save your CV there in your account which might help you in future in case you want to download the resume again.

The tool is simple to use, no hassle at all. It offers 6 styles to you for designing your CV/resume. At the time of writing the website has seen 6,136,893 CV downloads and has 2,465,146 saved CVs (as per site stats).

5.) Connect CV

It is at number 5 spot but I liked it more than others, the reason it is at number 5 is just because I tested it after them. This tool has a lot for you which will help you to create a resume more appealing. If you are making a resume for the first time then it has some free CV sample for you categorized on the job type you are applying for through which you can get an idea what a CV should look like. Add a picture of your as well in the resume but don’t make a mistake of attaching a full picture of yours wearing goggles or a collage of yours, you are applying for a job in a company not in a modelling agency.

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6.) Resume UP

Okay, now this is interesting. It has around 7-8 predefined templates for you, just click on the template, enter your email and password, hit the “Edit” button, enter your details, save it and click on”Download” button. From a simple classical white page resume to a highly colorful page templates are there to choose from. You can preview it as well before saving.

7.) Canva

Another great service that may help you building visually appealing resumes. The Canva service is basically freemium, which simply means that you will get both free and premium templates. You can either use a free one to create a resume or pay just $1 to use a premium one.

You don’t need to pay first in order to check out the premium templates, use them, edit them as per your needs and when you are satisfied go for it. It’s quite easy to use.

Although there are many website which will let you create a resume but the above mentioned are the finest and the easiest one as compared to others. If you know any other out of my knowledge then do not hesitate to suggest.