Digital Document Management – PDF Converter Elite 4 [Review]

Digital document management, living in the digital era implies changing the traditional lifestyle and accepting the new, trendy way of life, which involves embracing technology and all things digital. Not only do we have to rely on different tech gadgets and digital devices in everyday life, but we also need to learn to deal with digital documentation. Whether it is personal or business documentation, the whole new paperless way of working is actually much easier and productive.


Imagine not having to go through a pile of papers to find a document you need! You just search it in your computer instead, and that’s it. This results in time and patience saved plus you contributed to saving the planet by not using paper and moving all your data into digital mode. In addition to that, you can edit old documents, avoid making new ones from scratch, and you can collaborate with other people easily, by sharing the documents with them electronically.

especially if you are not a tech savvy person. To manage documents electronically, you usually need a different set of tools for storing and organizing documents, keeping them secure and, most importantly, for editing them. There are tons of document management tools with different purposes and you can easily get lost searching for the most convenient and reliable ones.

Digital Document Management

Having in mind that digital documents are often in PDF format, which is used for document preservation because of its non-editable nature, an essential part of document management toolset are definitely PDF conversion tools because they help you turn your PDF documents into various file formats where you can edit your data. Like any other tool, there are a lot of PDF converters too. We have recently had a chance to test one such tool, PDF Converter Elite which converts PDF to editable file formats. There are many ways PDF Converter Elite can help you become proficient in document management and here are some of them:


Manage your documents’ privacy


Documentation and confidentiality often go together so if you care about your documents’ privacy, secure PDF creation is the best choice. In order to secure your PDF documents and decide who will have access to your documentation, and what kind of access, you just need to do the following:

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Click on the View menu and access the PDF Creation Options. Select Security tab and tick the box Secure PDF. Then enter passwords and tick the permissions you want to allow such as adding comments, modifying text, filling in forms. When you finish, just click OK and then the Create button to make a secure PDF document.

digital document management, pdf converter elite


Manage scanned documents


When transferring from traditional to digital document management, you will probably have a lot of scanned documents in your computer. Okay, maybe you scanned all these papers just to save the old documentation and have a look at it when necessary, but it may also happen that you need to edit such a document. This type of documents is quite different from regular, native PDFs and not all PDF converters can extract data from them and at the same time make it editable. This latest version of the PDF Converter Elite is actually all about having the best possible output when it comes to scanned PDF conversion. Developers of PCE 4 have decided to use the latest OCR technology which enables this kind of conversion. To convert a scanned PDF with PDF Converter Elite you just need to tick the Convert Using OCR option by accessing the OCR Options from the Edit menu.

digital document management, pdf converter elite

Manage multiple documents at once


When dealing with paperwork, you usually end up with more than one document that you need to prepare. Although most PDF converters help you convert PDF files to editable formats in one way or another, not all can help you save time and apply the same type of conversion for multiple documents at the same time. PDF Converter Elite offers a batch conversion option which is a time-saver and an additional proficiency aid in document management. To use batch conversion, you just need to click the Batch icon on the menu or access Batch option from the Convert tab as shown in the image below, and add files you want to convert. It’s important to note that all files will be converted to the same file format which you can choose by clicking the drop-down menu Convert to. You also need to enter the proper captcha and define the location and name of the output folder where you want to place converted documents. In the end, just click the Convert button and your files are ready for editing.

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digital document management, pdf converter elite

Manage PDF tables and make customized spreadsheets


Among your documents you probably have spreadsheet-based reports, like charts, tables etc. that were saved in PDF. Whether you want to edit the last month’s budget report or add new data to an already existing financial statement, it implies using PDF to Excel conversion. However, with such document modifications you may need more advanced solutions to customize your PDF tables. That is yet another way the PDF Converter Elite 4 can help you with document management and it’s maybe more proficient than the previous hacks. The software’s custom PDF to Excel conversion makes personalized spreadsheets out of PDFs and, although it might seem hard to learn, it’s actually not. Just click the Open button to open a PDF you want to modify and then click the Excel button. After you select an area of the document you want to edit, click the Advanced Options button. On the right side of the program, a panel will open offering various document customization options such as adding/deleting rows/columns/tables. You can tick the Show Preview box to see how your document will like after conversion, and then just click Convert to finish the process.

digital document management, pdf converter elite

Although it takes much more time and effort for digital document management and to become a document management expert, these tips can still help you become proficient enough to deal with everyday documentation, whether personal or business. To test your document management skills with PDF Converter Elite 4, you can download a 7-day free trial here:

Summary :-

What PDF Converter Elite 4 has for you :-

Pros Cons
High Converting speed Lesser features than Elite 3
Better OCR technology
Quality after conversion is very fine
Convert to almost every possible format



Over To You :

Now it’s time to hear your opinions over it. What you have to say about it? Does it fit your needs for digital document management.