Easily Find if Someone is Stealing your Wifi

Before buying a WiFi router we all look for the range of it i.e how far the WiFi signal reaches so that you can use it from any corner of your house but some signals reaches outside of our houses as well and it is used by people living around us for free.

No doubt many in fact almost all of us who are using WiFi at our homes have password protected it but you never know if someone has been able to crack WiFi password of yours and is using it, for that purpose you must know that if someone else is using your WiFi or not.
There are 2 methods to check if someone else is stealing your WiFi.

who is stealing your wifi
So here we go the with the methods to find if someone is stealing WiFi of yours :-
In this method we will be using one of the popular tool called as Who’s On My WiFi, the name of the tool itself says about it’s functions.
i.) Download Who’s On My WiFi. Icing on the cake is that is free of cost, you don’t have to pay a penny to get this tool.
ii.) After the downloading is complete, install it like any other software and then launch the application and click on Continue Setup and you will be guided through the whole process.
iii.) Click on Scan Now button, wait for some time till it provides with the list of devices connected to your WiFi network.
iv.) After the scanning process is completed then it will show you the list and you may then analyze the devices.
You are done with it.
You may keep this program so that every time someone uses your WiFi you will get a notification.
This method is Network Admin Method.

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The router administrative console will help you find more about your network activity and also you can change your security settings. go to your router’s IP address to log into console.

( You can find this address of yours using command prompt, open command prompt and type ipconfig and press enter, then search for Default Gateway IP Address)

Now type that IP address in a browser window, you directed to the log in page of your router. If you haven’t changed the default settings yet, your router’s documentation will have the log in information

Once you are in your router then you will have to look for the sections commonly named as ” Attached Devices ” or ” My Network “.

It should provide the list of IP Address, MAC address and possibly the device name is detectable.


So these were the 2 methods to find if someone is stealing your WiFi or not. Hope you liked and found the article about this WiFi trick worth reading and useful. So now go and check whether someone has hacked WiFi of yours or not.