How to Find My Android Phone When Lost or Stolen-Security Apps

The world seems to come to rest when the phone is lost or stolen. It contains our files, data and other important and personal information which we don’t want to get accessed by anyone else and the worst of all loosing a phone means loss: Loss of money and loss of all the data. May be this has happened with you that’s why you have landed here asking for “how can I find my android?” or may be you are two steps ahead and trying to keep it safe for future.

We’ll help you locate and find your phone. There are hundreds of apps that promises to provide full proof security and gives device tracking features and some of the best methods to track your smartphone are listed below.

find my android

These methods will prevent you from shouting “Where is my phone?” as you have got the tracking system on your device.

How Can I Find My Android?

Let’s begin with the ways that can help you out in this worst situation but before that keep in mind one requirement which is a must for almost every method provided:

a.) Your phone’s internet connection must be enabled.

Method to Know “Where is My Phone”

Here you go:

1.) Google’s Android Device Manager

Google understands this problem so it has given this feature to all of it’s android OS users. If you remember the email ID and password you used to log in to your android device then this is the method you should go for first.

Simply visit the android device manager and log in using the same Email ID you used for your android device. As soon as you are logged in, it will begin to search for your android phone.

You can also make it ring by clicking on “Ring” button and erase all of it’s as well. Make sure you have given the permission to track your phone using android device manager, by default it is already enabled on every android device.

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For those who don’t have computers to log in to the website, just use any other android phone and install the official “Android Device Manager” app and sign in there.

Other Security Apps You Should Have

It is rightly said “Prevention is better than cure”, so it’s better to first take the security measures and be prepared rather than repenting later.

2.) Where’s My Droid

One of the great apps available on Google play store to track your lost android phone. Install the app, create and account on it using your G-mail ID and you’re good to go.

You can change the settings within the app for example: how long you want your phone to ring, using battery below a certain level, making the camera flash blink while ringing etc.

In case you lost your phone, log in to the Where’s My Droid website and locate it from there. Some other useful features:

i.) Taking Pictures: You can send a command to your android phone to take pictures of the surrounding using rear or front camera.

ii.) Locking and Wiping Feature: You can lock your phone with a pin and even erase all of it’s data saved on SD card or internal memory.

You need to have PRO version ($3.99) in order to access these extra features. Free version can only track and ring the phone.

3.) Cerberus

This is an amazing app to locate and find your stolen phone. Unlike other apps it do not directly ask you to go premium as you can check out all of its features for free for first 6-7 days and then can decide to go premium or not.

Like other devices it does tracks your phone, just visit their website, choose a command from a drop down menu on the left hand side and send it, the command will be executed within seconds. All the files like the pictures you take from your phone using commands, recorded videos, location axis will be sent to you via email.

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You can also send a message, your phone will speak that message to the person who is having your phone.

Track your phone, reboot your device (needs to be rooted), take pictures, send custom messages and many other features.

3.) LookOut

Another great app that has satisfied around 70 million android users. The free features allows you to track the phone location which it does very smoothly and accurately. You can also make your phone scream and vibrate, the sound will be of a siren.

Other features which are premium: Wipe out all the data and lock the phone with a code and taking pictures.

Other Apps That Can Help You Track Your Phone’s Location

1.) Prey Anti Theft: Make it unistallable, enable loud alarms, send custom messages.

2.) Bitdefender: Get notified whenever SIM card is changed, force the phone to answer the call, make your phone call you on another number, erase all the data.

All of the above apps needs to be installed when you have the phone with you, if the phone is stolen and you didn’t installed these apps earlier then the only methods you could use is android device manager (as it is a by default feature) and the IMEI number tracking.

These third party apps and Google’s android device manager needs internet to be turned on for tracking, in case you have no internet connection on the phone then you can use the IMEI number to find your android phone or any other OS phone. Hope your “Find my android” query is cleared now. Use the premium versions of above apps for better security and phone locating features.