Fix “DNS Probe Finished no Internet” With Any of These Solutions

Internet surfers faces a lot of problems while browsing and this “DNS probe finished no internet” is one of them. It basically is an error which comes up suddenly when you’re trying to view a webpage, in Chrome browser, mostly it shows you a blank page with a dinosaur and the error “This webpage is not available”, “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET” and you just end up saying – What the hell is this now? and at that time you seriously wish if you could kill that dinosaur, LOL. Isn’t it?

Don’t be frustrated please, I am gonna list all the possible solutions which may resolve your problem with this. Now, why I am saying “All the possible solutions”?, that’s because it’s occurrence may be because of different reasons.

We will be exploring the reason and solving the error together. Let’s just begin with it.


I will begin with the basic, this would be easier for those who don’t want to get that much technical, who knows the error may be because of any silly reason.

dns probe finished no internet error

Before trying any of the below methods, I would advice you to first clear all the cache, cookies and history of your browser and try surfing the internet once again. If it didn’t worked then below are your “DNS probe finished no internet” possible error fixes.

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1.) Re-Check Your Internet Connection

The most basic solution that may solve this issue is checking your internet connection. Reboot your routers, modem or any other internet device before making any changes to the system, sometimes this resolves the error.

And, this method is also recommended by Chrome itself when the error appears. So give it a try.

2.) Check Your Firewall or Anti-Virus Settings

Check whether your anti-virus is not blocking the web page, check your firewall settings. You may try disabling the security firewall of your anti-virus and try reloading the page again.

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If you are using Avast anti-virus then try disabling it’s browser extension and “Avast Shield Control”. For disabling this option click on the upward arrow in the taskbar, right click on Avast icon, there you may find “Avast Shield Control”

Please make sure you are trying to open a safe and trusted web page after disabling the anti-virus.

You got it solved or the error is still there? If not, then don’t loose hope we have got other solutions as well.

3.) Visit The Command Prompt

It’s quite easy, you just need to follow 3 steps:

  • Click on “Start” menu button and type “Command prompt” or “CMD”.
  • Now,right click on “Command Prompt” and then click on “Run as administrator”.
  • After the command window opens, type “netsh” and press enter key, after this type “winsock reset” and press enter key again.
  • After that reboot (restart) your system. The error should get vanish now. If not then keep on reading.

4.) Solve DNS by Changing DNS

If the previous didn’t worked for you then here is another solution. This also involves 4-5 steps only. Follow them carefully:

  • Click on “START” menu button and then go to “Control Panel”.
  • In Control panel, look out for “Network and Internet“, open it.
  • Now click on “Network And Sharing Center“, on the left hand side you’ll see an option saying “Change Adapter Settings”, just click on it. Clicking on it will show you all the internet connections.
  • Right click on the connection you are using and want to surf the internet through and then click on “Properties“, it may ask you for the administrator password (the one you use for starting the system).
  • You may be seeing a window now. Go to “Networking” tab.

Now under “This connection uses the following items..”, you will see Internet Protocol Version 6 and version 4.

  • Select any one of these and click on “Properties” button.
  • Click “Advanced” and select the “DNS” tab. If there are any DNS server IP addresses already listed there, write them down for future reference, and remove them from this window.
  • Click “OK” button.
  • Select “Use the following DNS server addresses“. If there are any IP addresses listed in the Preferred DNS server or Alternate DNS server, write them down for future reference.
  • Replace those addresses with the IP addresses of the Google DNS servers:
    • For IPv4: and/or
    • For IPv6: 2001:4860:4860::8888 and/or 2001:4860:4860::8844.
    • Restart the connection after setting the values.
  • You may check your internet now, you may also check the speed of your internet connection.
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If you are using MAC or Linux then try heading over to Google developers page for the same.

5.) Flushing The DNS

Again, a command prompt method, hope this will work for you. Like I described in method 3, open up “Command prompt” window and after that use these two commands:

  • Type “ipconfig /release” (without double quotes) and hit enter button.
  • Now type “ipconfig /renew” (without double quotes) and press enter button.
  • Now, type “ipconfig /flushdns” and press enter key.
  • Now, type “netsh int ip set dns” & hit enter.
  • Now type the last command “netsh winsock reset“, hit enter key and exit the command prompt by typing “exit” and pressing enter.
  • Restart (reboot) your system, it should work.

I would love to know if the “DNS probe finished no internet” error has been fixed for you. And, if any other method has worked for you then do let me know via comments.