Free & Best Ad Blocker For Android Apps You Can Use Today

Advertisements are the source of making an income, making the brand popular and reaching out the consumers but how the ad publishers like newspapers, websites, apps use and show to their audience varies widely. If the ads are shown in a clean manner without disturbing the user experience then you may not have any problem but I think you have visited a place full of ads, that’s why you have ended up searching for the advertisement blockers. I am listing here the best ad blocker for android for you.

Best Ad Blocker For Android Phones

Frankly speaking, I don’t want you to install such apps and block ads because these ads are the source of income for the websites you visit, the apps you use. My website also has some ads and I will feel really bad if you install these blockers. People like us do a lot of hard work and research to bring out the best for you but keeping emotions aside here I present the best ad blocker apps for android.


best ad blocker for android apps1.) Adblock Browser For Android

As the name says, this is simply a browser which has the feature to block annoying ads on any website. Like my every recommendation I tested this also before placing on the list and checked several websites to see if it really block the advertisements, yes it does and the best part is that without disturbing the user experience. You won’t be able to guess even where the ad spot would have been as it shows on blank space instead of the ad, it just simply removes the ad.

The best part is that you can configure it for different websites, all you need to need to is visit the settings in the browser.

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2.) Ad Blocker

This is a very good solution for those who are desperate to block ads from apps. I have tested this ad blocker on “Oxford Dictionary Android App” which is full of advertisements, there is an ad after every word you search and one more ad which remains at the app footer always but this ad blocker disabled all those annoying ads.

Visit the play store and install the app, open it and it’ll start gathering the information from all the apps you have in your mobile phone. If it doesn’t detect the app automatically then you can add it manually by tapping the “Plus” button provided in the app.

Ads will not be blocked until you access those apps via “Ad Blocker”. To enjoy the ad-free apps, open the “Ad Blocker” and then click on the app you want to open.

3.) Free Adblocker Browser

Another great app to get rid of ads on websites you visit. It does what it says. Have you ever faced a problem when you a website and a pre-loaded video ad starts playing? This consumes more of your data and makes the page heavy to load, in short it disturbs user experience. This browser will tackle all of them, by default all the ads like banner ads, video ads are blocked for all websites.

Besides this, the browser is also very good, it gives you a really amazing browsing experience. Websites are always preferred to be responsive which means it changed its appearance according to the screen size, most of the websites (mine too) looks different on mobile and desktop, you can view the desktop version of any website via this browser, just tap the settings button from the bottom and click on “Request Desktop Version”, the desktop view loaded will also be very clean.

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4.) Ad Vanish

This app works for only those apps which do not work with the help of internet connection i.e it works only with offline apps like any game you have or any other app. The app is not a part of Google android market, it belongs to Aptoid. Visit the link and click on install, first it will download the Aptoid market and once the market is downloaded you have to download the Ad vanish app from there.

To block ads, open the Ad-Vanish Lite app and select 2 apps which you want to be advertisement free (free version can only block the ad from 2 apps, to block more you’ll have to upgrade) and after you select the apps just click on “Start” button. This app works with rooted phones as well.

5.) AppBrain Ad Detector

For those who have lots of apps and have no idea of which app is causing too much ad notification, push notifications on their phones, this app comes as a solution to the problem. Basically, what it does it detects all the apps you have installed on your phone for the threats and concerns, it will show what threat an app can cause to you plus the ad networks any app is connected with. You can from there decide which app to uninstall.

All of the above apps are really the best ad blocker for android and they do work. Do let me know which one you found the best.