Free Invoice Template-Generate or Download Invoice Forms Online

Generating invoices is nothing less than a nightmare for newbies and for those who are unfamiliar with billing or creating invoices for their clients there is a solution which don’t cost you money and that is “free invoice template”. These kind of templates lessen your work to a great extent as you don’t have to worry about the technicalities involved in creating an invoice.

I have listed here some of the places and services that can help you in billing or sales work. Now it depends on you, whether you want to generate an invoice online or get the template on your machine and then edit it accordingly. Keeping both the requirements in mind I am listing here 2 kinds of services:

i.) Services that let you only download the free invoice template.

ii.) Services that let you generate an invoice with the default invoice form they have.

Download Only Free Invoice Template Services

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These are the services that will let you get the invoice template for free of cost.

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1.) TidyForms

At the time of writing this post it has 90 invoice templates for you that can be downloaded for absolutely free of cost. It has divided the invoice forms into 27 categories like Price Quote Template, Blank Invoice Template, Photography Invoice, Contractor Invoice, Service Invoice and 22 others.

To get the free invoice template from this website all you have to do is click on the one you want, then select the format and click on download button, it will ask you to enter 3 digits in a box, enter them correctly and the download button will appear.

In case it shows you an error like the digits you entered are not correct just shift to another browser, in my case it worked in Mozilla Firefox perfectly.

2.) Microsoft Templates

These are the templates by Microsoft company. At the time of writing it has 7 invoice templates. In order to access these forms you must have an account on Microsoft. It will open the template in Online Excel instead of allowing you to download it to your machine.

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You can edit it online exactly the way you would do it after downloading. After editing you can either send the invoice via an email or get a link for the invoice, that will be totally your choice that whether you want the invoice to be editable or the other person you are sharing the invoice with can only view it.

3.) Invoice Berry

It has the invoice forms in 3 different formats: .docx, .odt and .xlsx. To let you choose the template it gives you a picture of how it looks like. To download the template from this site just select & click on the one you like and then enter your email address (you can enter any email address, it won’t ask you to confirm), as soon as you enter the email address it gives you the download.

4.) Cash Board App

It has 3 different free invoice templates for you: invoice template, estimate template and timesheet template in two forms: Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Timesheet template is only for Google Docs.

Just select the template, hit the download button and it begins. No signup or email address required.

Download Free Invoice Template or Generate Invoices Online Services

Like I said earlier I am gonna list 2 kinds of services, this is the second one that let you choose the template and generate the invoice online without having any need to download on your machine although you can save it later after creating.

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5.) Invoice Home

It promises to give you 100 free invoice template and the service to generate it online for free. Although to get access to all those free templates you’ll first have to create an account but that’s too simple, just enter the email when prompted.

Along with invoice it lets you create tax invoice, receipt and quotes. It offers yo full functionality, you can even insert the logo of your company. After creating you can save the invoice, print it or send to your customer via email.

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6.) Invoices Generator

All you have to do is pick up the template according to your needs and hit the create button. It gives a large number of lists and categories. If you are looking for the templates in language other than English then this is the place for you.

The features are rich just like the above one. You don’t need to sign up, just fill up the form and after that you can download it as PDF, print/preview it or send.

7.) Fresh Books

For those who are creating their first invoice ever, this is a great place. Why? Because it takes you to the invoice sections step by step automatically and asks you to fill the info first and then will move onto the next step.

It will send the invoice to your client via an email.

8.) Aynax

It gives you two templates: Invoice and Estimate. Very simple and easy to service, fill in the fields, save the invoice and afterwards you can preview it, print it, download as PDF, send it and can look at the payments feature. It lets you create invoice in 9 different languages.

9.) PayDirt

Just like the above, this one is too very simple with a predefined invoice template. Unfortunately you don’t have a choice to choose the template like the previous one. The best part is that you ca set Paypal as well which makes it great for payments.

10.) Harvest Public

Just click on the name and the download will begin. This is a download only free invoice template that you can have on your machine.

Go ahead with the free invoice template and generating service you found the most useful and interesting. The list will keep on updating with time.