MP3 Music Download-Free Downloader For All OS and Devices

All you care about is MUSIC. Doesn’t matter which MP3 music download tool works for you, the only thing that matters to song lovers is their MP3 file, isn’t it? Music is not only loved by humans, it is also loved by animals and a true music freak finds it in every sound that nature makes.

You may have searched and looked out for various websites and music downloader apps but still a bit confused to decide what works out the best, so here is a comprehensive list of wonderful free music download tools. Here we have listed both web based programs and smartphone apps so that you don’t have to search for them separately.

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The collection will be divided into two 2 categories:

  • Web based music downloaders.
  • Smartphone app based music tools.

Lets get started with the very first category which is web based programs i.e best music download websites, some of them are also available in app versions.

Web Based Free Music Download Websites

Since these are websites so you don’t need to meet any special requirement criteria for downloading the free music on your computer or mobile phones.  Most of websites mentioned below like SoundCloud, Jamendo, are totally legal and authorized websites to download music from.

1.) MP3 Juice

mp3 juices

This is one of the best website to get any music on any operating system and that too for free of cost. The reason this tool is on number one spot is it has combined all other resources to one. Unlike other websites it is a search engine especially made for music. MP3Juice searches 10 various music resources and gives out the results in the shortest time possible.

If it finds a video then don’t worry its system will convert it to MP3 by itself and if you a video link then paste it directly so that it can convert it for you, converting any video to mp3 is just a work of seconds for this amazing and genuine music tool.

It is completely free tool to use and the UI of this website is also quite straightforward and easy so you don’t face any complications while accessing the site.

You may find this useful-Don’t remember song name? Check here what song is this.

2.) SoundCloud

mp3 music download website

You may have heard of this before also since it is quite popular among music lovers. Soundcloud is a resource which is also included in the above mentioned tool, MP3 Juice so in case you don’t want to visit the official website and get straight to download process then it is advisable to use the above one instead of this.

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Else, it is very reliable. If you are a music creator then you can upload your art here for free of cost, another way of getting popular in this field. Available in app version also on.

3.) Jamendo

music download

Another music downloading website that allows free unlimited music downloads, but keep in mind you can download any music for free just for personal use like listening it but you can’t use it commercially like using it as background music in a commercial video or movie, for that you’ll have to purchase the rights. Fair enough!

The website is fast to use and doesn’t need any sign up to download the songs.

Also available as app.

4.) Last.FM mp3 download website

Popular, easy and reliable. You can either get your favorite music or this website also allows you to watch videos online. No need to sign, just find the song and download it, that’s it. If you enjoy attending events then shows you the list of upcoming events near you, this way you won’t miss any event which is about to happen in your region. Want to know in which region you are, then check out this post to know your address.

5.) PureVolume

free music download

Download music, vote for it, recommend it or just become a fan of that artist, these are the highlights of PureVolume in brief. You can upload your music on the website and you have the authority to keep it downloadable or not. Majority of the community is filled with aspiring and budding artists.

6.) NoiseTrade

mp3 music download

Love getting free music download? Visit NoiseTrade. Love reading books? Visit NoiseTrade. One of the websites that allows free mp3 music downloads and ebook under one roof. You can show your love to the artist’s work by either sharing it socially or buy them a cup of coffee by donating a suggested tip, it would be something around $6.

7.) Free Music Archive

free music archive

Launched in 2009 and now has a huge fan base and a database with over millions of songs and music. The design is very clean without any over the top animations and confusing graphics. Definitely a huge music library to perform a music search. They ask you for nothing in return but if you want then they do accept donations.

8.) Epitonic

music download website

One of the fastest to get free music download, no extra pop ups to annoy you, no need to sign up, the downloading starts as soon as you hit a click on download button. If you want to share it or save it then you’ll have to create a free account on the website.

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The best part is if you want to play a song then just click on “+” button and it gets added to the music player on the bottom right corner, listen to it while staying on the same page.

Mobile App Based Music Download Tools

Now this section is for those who want to enjoy on the go music without having any need to visit the website since in many cases operating apps is 10 times easier than operating websites.

1.) SoundCloud

music download app

You already know about the power of soundcloud, so just visit the app store and get the app, nothing is required from your side for downloading. Stream the music and then download it, you may be asked to sign in but it’s quite an easy process on android, sign in via your Google account.

SoundCloud music app is also available for iOS users, you can get it from apple iTunes store for free.

2.) 4Shared

free music download app

One of the largest file storage and sharing platform, getting the app is easy rather than exploring it’s website or you can use Mp3Juice music search engine instead.

The database of 4shared is quite large, you may find here a great collection of music/songs and other things also like presentations, software, apps etc.

Cost : Free

3.) Music Paradise Pro

Highly recommended music download app that serves the purpose beautifully. The probabilities of finding the desired music is much higher with this application.

4.) Free MP3 Downloads

Available in 7 languages, makes it quite easy for those who are not very much familiar with English. A worth trying MP3 music download app with inbuilt music player to let you listen the music before hitting the download button.

5.) AudioMack

This gives you a huge library of music songs, even if you are unable to locate your song then the app gives you a huge list of alternatives you can go through and enjoy.

If you want to get more music downloaders then you can check out this post which lists more free music downloader.

This list of free music download tools will be updated from time to time, since we want you to have a hassle free entertainment.