Freecharge app Review Download freefund coupon code

Freecharge Freefund Coupon Code

Oh holy Shit! Its 12 A.M and my internet plan/DTH service pack is over, how to get recharge right now? Why to worry about these things in today’s date when we have got everything in our hands. Who wants to go out and look for the retailer when you can get it while sitting in front of your television, icing on the cake is that after that recharge you might get some free bonus recharge by applying some coupon you have got. In this article I am going to review Freecharge app which lets you recharge your phone sitting at your home anytime and also gives you free recharge if you have got some coupon code to apply. Recharge with Freecharge app and get benefits of additional free bonus recharge.

What Is FreeCharge App?

Freecharge app is the platform which lets you recharge your prepaid phone, pay postpaid bills, recharge DTH and your Data card, one in all app. You just have to make a free account with any one of your email id and set your payment options ( Debit card number etc. ), and you are ready to recharge.

Why To Use Freecharge ?

Before proceeding to this just answer to my question – Who does not love a freebie? Is there anyone ? I think no one. If you are able to get some coupon code for freecharge and apply them then along with the recharge value you will get some additional free bonus recharge. It lets you recharge anytime at any place just you need a mobile phone with app installed and a net pack.

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Is It Safe To Use ?

Yes, definitely it is safe to use. No frauds at all. You might have seen some media ads of this app at the national level, so need to worry from the security point of view. I personally use this app to get my recharge done any time + plus some additional bonuses as I mentioned earlier.

How To Use Freecharge ?

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Download the app Freecharge and sign up for a free account with email id and provide your payment mode and information and you are ready to use the app.

How to Use The Freecharge freefund coupon code ?

If you have managed to get some free recharge bonus coupon code then you have to tick on the check box where it is written ” i have a Freefund code ” and paste that code, if it is genuine then the value of free bonus will be added to your ” Credits” through which you can recharge any mobile any time you need for free of cost.
In future if you want to apply that code to get some free bonus then type your mobile number in the recharge section and proceed, in the next step instead of choosing the debit card/credit card payment mode, choose ” Recharge from my Credit balance” and you are done.

Some Freecharge freefund coupon codes you may use :-

Here are some freecharge coupon code you may refer for free bonus recharge :
IRF14 ( If you apply this then free Rs.50 Bonus will be credited to your account within 24 hours )
FCREFEV7TVF79 ( This will also add some bonus to account)
NOTE – You can apply these codes only time for one debit card per app per account.

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Share your experience of using Freecharge app and the discount promo and coupon code you used, how much free bonus you got with your freecharge freefund coupon code?