Funny Google Searches And Suggestions Given That’ll Make You go ROFL

Synonym to word “Search” is nowadays “Google”.  People often say “If it’s not on Google, it’s not a question”, but I think people have started taking this thing so seriously that they end up searching such things which ultimately become a stock of laughter for others. These funny Google searches ultimately become suggestions given to others who enter almost similar query.

Below are some funny examples of it. As these are suggestions given by Google so it’s not to any hurt sentiments of any person/community, take it as a matter of fun only.

Funny Google Searches & Suggestions

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1.) For those with kinky minds, “Why don’t we do it in the road” is a video song. Hope you didn’t thought something else :-P.

funny google searches one

2.) So are you among those who would wish to get a cancer?

google funny searches

3.) You don’t need to make any extra effort for this my friend :-P. They are always ready to do awwww.

funny google searches

4.) Isn’t Google very modest? It’s calling itself a waste and wrong and look people are asking google – Google is what?”.

funny google suggestion

5.) Indians will definitely go ROFL after seeing this image :-P. (No personal offense, these are Google’s suggestion not ours).

funny google searches 2

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6.) Why don’t these girls ask their boyfriends this question, LOL. This is really funny, isn’t it?

google funny searches

7.) Similar to the previous one. The time is not far when people will search like – “My boyfriend bought dotted protection, I wanted plain so should I break up with him” :-P.

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funny google suggestions

8.) Now this one I couldn’t get.

google funny search

9.) Who are you asking this? Google? No, you can’t screw Google :-P.

funny google searches pic

10.) Google just said – “AWWWWWW” :-P. Have you booked a package for honeymoon?

funny google search box

11.) …..for searching this kind of things. Everybody would want your blood.

funny google queries

12.) Marrying a doctor, dominician girl is fine but marrying a dog? I hope this search is made by humans.

funny Google searches

13.) Why don’t people text the particular person to accept their friend requests. May be Mark can help you.

funny Google searches image

If you have encountered any other funny searches or suggestions on Google then do let us know, send it to us via e-mail.