Funny Wifi Names-Best Wifi Names For Your Network

WiFi is one of the best technologies in today’s era, nobody gets bored if they have internet+modern gadget+battery, this means life to many. Earlier there used to be some common names for WiFi network people had installed at their places, it could be the name of the router brand, owner’s name, ISP provider name but those days are gone, people are creative now and their names are even more creative which brings this list of funny wifi names.

Some have kept the names of their WiFi network so funny that you can’t even stop yourself from laughing, sometimes it is used to mock other people who try to get access to your WiFi. Lets list the best every funny WiFi names without much ado.

Funny WiFi Names You Can Consider

funny wifi names

These WiFi names are meant for those who understand what funny means, don’t get offended if you see something unexpected. Lets now rock the list with amazing, cool and funny WiFi names.

  1. 2girls1wifi
  2. (.)(.)Boobies
  3. fat guy next to me smells
  4. Free BJ here
  5. Get your own internet plan
  7. GetYourOwn
  8. I feel naughty
  9. shit in your face
  10. No wifi for you
  11. Lick my ass
  12. Wireless G Spot
  13. Yell penis for password
  14. You won’t get it motherf*cker
  15. Awwwwww 😛
  16. Too fat to get in
  17. karma hits back
  18. Will u ride me?
  19. Marry me
  20. Are you single?
  21. Recession hits back gain

Clever WiFi Names

The list has just begun, if you want to keep it the way that newbies don’t even think to connect to yours then keep your WiFi names in the following way. Some clever yet funny WiFi names.

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wifi network names

  1. Virus Detected
  2. No internet access
  3. Malware
  4. Clean up your virus
  5. I will hack you
  6. Hacked
  7. Phishing successful
  8. Broke into your device
  9. Trojan sent
  10. Worm inserted
  11. Mobile virus
  12. Computer virus
  13. Slow internet
  14. WARNING!!

Best WiFi Names For Your Router

Get over those boring names where you keep the router brand name as your wifi name, your ISP gives it the brand name, forget that and make it interesting by changing it to something really cool and funny. Give laughs to those who finds your wifi network.

Wi believe I can Fi Stop making curry plz FBI Surveillance Van I’m under your bed Free porn here I will find you & touch you
No wifi for you god knows you steal internet Get away dick Why I met your mother Vote for trump You’re hacked
I hear you fucking Available but for me only Internet costs bitch Guess my password pay my bill Your dog sucks
Searching… Virgin wifi Pay and get it Click here for virus I can see your whatsapp 404
Want wifi? Suck my d*ck Only I paid for it You can’t see me Awww! It’s protected I’m horny  Don’t moan so loud
Faggot you got a rubber? Bugger Off! Bob’s your uncle Do a runner Enough to cobble dogs with For donkey’s years
When pigs fly You pay now You’re Being tracked I broke into your device Such my ass In the assshoollleeee

Hope you liked these funny WiFi names and you’ve definitely got one for you out of these wifi network names. Don’t feel shy to share your funny name for WiFi with us in the comments section below. Share as much as you can.