Gmail Login and Extra Features-Make it Easier and Productive

Gmail being a highly popular product of a highly popular brand Google does not offer everything a person would need. The demands vary from person to person, for example a business manager would ask for features that a normal user doesn’t require at all and vice versa. You can visit the Gmail login and sign in to your account but apart from that you need some more.

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Now the question arises if you always wanted more then why it isn’t in your features list? It may come up with two or more answers, first, you never knew that some extra features could be added and the life with Gmail mail could be made more productive, second, you never even cared about it but we do.

Gmail’s Email Service Popularity Made it

If you think that Google is going to provide you with some extra facilities then wake up, nothing is gonna happen like that. There are some users/developers and brands which understand how popular is Gmail mailing service among email users and what else they would need apart from just sending & receiving emails.

The below comparison graph shows how much popular is Gmail and how the interest of people has changed with time. There is a tough competition between Gmail and Hotmail.

gmail email trend graph

This data shows the stats collected from only one search engine, the biggest search engine i.e Google. You can check out some interesting Google easter eggs tricks here.

From Gmail Login to Accessing

It’s time to check which external features are there which can help you become more productive, help you access it easier, provide you features in real which were just in your thoughts till today. Well if you know of them already then well and good & if you use some other extensions or apps then the comment box is in the end of this page.

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NOTE – Most of the below mentioned extensions or apps are for chrome only as it’s one of the most compatible and complete browser.

If you don’t have chrome then you can get it for any operating system like android, windows, Mac, iOS and Linux as well. Here is the Chrome download page.

To check all these features you can get your Gmail login here on this sign in page.

1.) RocketBolt

It’s been more than a day since I sent them an email but haven’t got any response, have they even read my mail or not? Is this your question too? If yes then RocketBolt is for you, this gives you the complete analysis of every email you send.

Track if the receiver has opened your email or not, track the links clicked from your email, get contact’s information, browser and email notification when an email is read.

Price – Free/Paid Get the extension here.

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2.) Complete For Gmail

You just keep on typing the email and this will show suggestions as soon as you type a letter, don’t worry it’s not annoying as android’s/iPhone’s auto correct as it does not complete the word until you hit the enter button.

The best part is, suppose you are writing an email to a person whose name is long to spell and takes some time (productivity simply means the shortest time you take to complete any task with quality maintained), lets say you are writing to any person named “Constantine Atkinson” this will definitely take some seconds to write (if your typing speed is not so good) but this extension will suggest you the names in your contacts as well.

Price – Free Get the extension here.

3.) Multi Forward

It’s going to take me a lot of time to forward all of those emails to someone else. Ever happened? If yes then you probably know how much messy it can be forwarding tens or sometimes hundreds of emails individually to someone else and if not then wait for the time when it happens with you.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea if you can just forward all of those emails at once? Rather that would be great. This simple free extension will enable this feature for you. Just select the emails you want to forward and hit the forward button.

Price – Free Get the extension here.

4.) Google Inbox

To keep it simple, this is nothing but the future version of gmail. This is not any extension or extra feature you can add but simply a Google product that makes you more productive and efficient while working, you can either go for Gmail login or sign in directly to Google inbox.

Some extra features includes reminders, schedulers etc. Suppose you just received an important email and unfortunately you were busy at that time so you decided to check that out later, to be true that “LATER” never comes and hence you may suffer some loss (of any kind) but with scheduler you can set the timer and force that email to arrive to your inbox once again later at the time you decide.

You can download it for your smartphones as well.

Price – Free Visit Google inbox.

5.) MailTrack

Talking about the main feature it can provide to your Gmail mail then it’s tracking. Have you ever used Whatsapp messenger? If yes then you might know what sign appears to the messages when it’s delivered and read, something similar happen here.

When the email is delivered it shows a single green tick in front of the mail and when the user reads it then it shows 2 green ticks. Not only this if you are working on your laptop with browser opened and enabled internet connection then it will also show you the notification pop out immediately as soon as the email is read.

Price – Free/Paid Get the extension here.

6.) HelloSign

Many of email users gets some documents in their inbox which are required to be filled out and signed afterwards. What people normally do is they take out the print of that email, fill it out, sign it, scan it to their computer and then send it as an attachment. This procedure is really time consuming, especially when you don’t have a scanner.

This will help you out, with HelloSign you can sign your documents within your Gmail account, even without leaving your inbox.

All you have to do is open the email, look for the attachment (document), hover your mouse over it, it will now show an extra button called “SIGN”, just click on that.

Price – Free/Paid Get the extension here.

7.) Streak CRM

This is specially for those who do business, this extension simply manages your customers. Below are some of it’s features that will add more to your Gmail login and accessing.

Enhance Gmail’s Interface

  • Group all emails from a customer or deal into a box.
  • Keep track of status, notes and details of each customer.
  • Shares boxes within your team and keep everyone in the loop.
  • See every email between a customer and your team, right in your inbox.


  • Speed up sending repetitive emails with custom templates.
  • Easy shortcuts make writing emails a breeze Send Later.
  • Schedule those crucial emails for the times when they’ll have the most impact.
  • Simple management all from within Gmail.

Email Tracking (coming soon)

  • Get notified when your emails get read.
  • See if, when and how many times your email was opened.

Price – Free/Paid Get the extension here.

8.) Dropbox For Gmail

This just makes it easier to attach your Dropbox files to your emails. Keep in mind that at the time of publishing this page it doesn’t work with Google inbox.

Price – Free Get the extension here.

9.) BombBomb

How do you send a video via Gmail? Record it, compress it to reduce it’s size, attach it and then send it. Correct? This procedure is lengthy and slows down your productivity and this is when BombBomb arrives.

After adding this Gmail extension to your chrome browser you’ll see a “SEND VIDEO” button just above the “COMPOSE” button, hit the click on that and start recording, you can also schedule that video. Also available for android phones.

Price – Free Trial/Paid Get the extension here.

10.) UglyEmail

Previously you had the tools to track the emails you send, now you have the tool to detect whether your email is being tracked or not. For now this is available for chrome only, Firefox version is coming out soon.

Tracked emails will be marked as “Evil Eye”.

Price – Free, Get it here.

11.) Gmelius For Gmail

If you are looking for a complete package then this is the thing you should go for. It is a freemium (free + paid) service , you can either go for a free plan or you can grab the paid one for as low as $4.99 per month which isn’t costly at all. Some of the free features it has are remove ads, personalize Gmail, detect email trackers, Automatic CC/Bcc, markdown support, read receipts, print cleaner emails, no branding problems with your emails, customized compose box, search from any chrome tab and much more.

You can get the extension for free here.

These extensions and added features can help you save a lot of time from Gmail login to doing business with Gmail.