Gmail Print Multiple Emails – How To Print In Bulk

Primarily I use Gmail for sending and receiving mails and most of the people too use Gmail email services for the purpose. Printing emails in G-mail is fin if you want to do it separately for single mail but at times you want to print multiple emails then it becomes a limitation there because there is no default feature in G-mail to let you print multiple emails in bulk. Gmail print multiple emails but indirectly.

There is no such problem if you have to print 4-5 emails, that can be done one by one but the problem arises when the number of mails goes much more beyond that and nobody has that much time to waste.

At this point you can do two things, either do it one by one and spend hours on it or follow one of the method I am providing you here for Gmail to print multiple emails. Basically I’ll be discussing here 3 methods, although there may be more but these 3 comes handy and are easy to perform for everyone.

Gmail Print Multiple Emails

Method 1 :

You have a chrome add-on for this purpose. This free extension will help you print multiple emails out of G-mail. Here’s what you need to do (do update your browser else it will ask you to do so) –

gmail print multiple emails

1.) Open chrome browser and then head over to Chrome Web Store.

2.) Open Gmail Print All Pro and install it by clicking on “Add To Chrome” button.

3.) Next it may open a new tab where it will be asking for you to allow permission to access data on your account, authorize the app here in order for successful installation (upgrade the browser if it asks you to do so).

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4.) After the installation has completed, head over to your Gmail account and select all the emails you want to print, create a Label for them say “Print List”. After assigning emails to new label hit on “Print To Drive” button.

5.) As soon as you hit the Print To Drive button, it will create a new file in Google Drive now here from the “File” option on the top of page you can either chose to print all mails or download them as PDF, docx, txt file as well. That’s it, you’re done with it.

If you are confused then watch out this video tutorial :

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Method 2 :

Using Microsoft Outlook. What you need to do is set up gmail in Microsoft outlook and send all of the emails which you wanna print to outlook, select the messages there and hit print button, you can print it now directly.

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Method 3 :

Here we will be using an add on for Google Sheets to print. This method you can save and print the email attachments as well. Just follow this step by step guide :

1.) In this method also you first have to group all the printable emails to a single label, say “Print List”. In case you don’t know how to do this, let me tell you, go to your gmail account, select all the messages you want to print, above the messages you can see Labels tab, click on it and create a new label and add the mails to that.

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2.) Now open Google Drive, here what you have to do is create a new folder with a name of your choice, this folder will be used to store all the files we want to print.

Now I am assuming that you have created the label in gmail and a new folder in Google drive, lets head over to next step :

3.) Its time to install the add on (Save Emails And Attachments), download it from here.

4.) Now visit Google Sheet and follow this path – Add-ons >> Save Emails and attachments >> Create New Rule. Here what you have to do is select the label which you want to print from dropdown and select the google drive folder you created in second step.

5.) After you have selected the label and google drive folder, just click on “create rule” button, its frequency of saving the emails to folder is per hours, you can set it manually as well in”Manage Rules” menu.

6.) Once all the emails from that label have been saved successfully, right click that folder in google drive where they have been saved, download them all to your computer, now they are with you to print all of them at a time.

Hope any of the above method to gmail print multiple emails helped you out. If there is any other method kindly let me know.