Google Gravity, Sphere, Anti Gravity, Underwater and Much More

Google simply means answers and solutions for a common person. The world’s largest search engine is actually far more than a search engine. There are still so many features available with Google that people are not aware of, some of the features are listed below, these are basically for fun like Google gravity, Google sphere, Google underwater, Google anti gravity and much more, you’ll love to see Google this way.

Ever imagined Google dancing, rolling, falling under gravity, swimming deep underwater? No? We’ll make you see all of these live. I have also got some mind blowing and useful google search tricks which you will surely like as some of them are really very productive and useful too.

Easter Eggs For Android Users

Most of the Google easter eggs tricks (not all) are available for desktops only and if you type in the same query on mobile you won’t see the same thing happening, like “do a barrel roll” works on mobile but “zerg rush” doesn’t.

There is something hidden from android users that most of you don’t know, you can enjoy a trick by following this method:

1.) Open “Settings” in your Android phone and scroll down to bottom searching for “About Phone” (it usually lies in the end of list in settings).

2.) Opening this will give you complete information about your phone like android version, model number, kernel version, build number etc.

3.) All you have to do is continuous tapping on “Android Version” tab, lets say your phone has KitKat version, so after tapping about 4-5 times it will show letter “K” on full screen, again tap continuously on this letter (it will keep on rolling while you tap) you’ll see your version name and symbol.

4.) Give it a long single tap and the screen will become like that of a windows phone, don’t know what is the intention of Android owners of keeping the screen in other OS style, may be to mock it.

If you need to go back to your original screen then just press the “Back” button.

Have Fun With Google Gravity and Sphere Etc.

The pages and Google styles you are going to see below will definitely make you say “WOW” as this might be the first time you would be experiencing these.

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1.) Google Gravity

google gravity

Oops Google can’t handle the gravity, it’s too much for Google to bear this much gravity. In this the Google logo, search bar everything will fall to the bottom and will try to rise up but couldn’t due to gravitational pull. You can search for anything in the search box, it will display the falling results just like the above image.

Visit this place.

2.) Google Sphere

google sphere

This is one of the best view of Google, in the form of a revolving sphere. You can type in the search box but it won’t return you back anything upon hitting the search button. Every Google term keeps on revolving in a sphere shape around it’s axis and it looks beautiful.

You can change the direction of it’s rotation by changing the apparent position of your mouse cursor. It will come to rest if you bring the mouse pointer to center.

Visit this place.

3.) Google Guitar

google guitar

For those who love music, Google Guitar is the best for them. It shows a guitar formed in place of logo with the strings which actually work. You bring the mouse cursor on the strings and they will make a sound, for those who know guitar can play a song on it and for those who are alien to guitar there are some instructions given just below the Google guitar logo which you can use to play music like “Happy Birthday”, “Harry Potter” and 2-3 more.

Visit this place.

4.) Google Mirror

google mirror trick

Mirror shows reversed order of every word present in front of it, same is with Google mirror. It shows everything reversed, even the query you type in will be reversed and will appear o the right instead of left side of the search box.

Visit the place.

You can find many more Google search tricks and tips.

5.) Reversed Google Gravity

google logo falling under gravity

The first one you tried was only the effect of gravity, this is also gravity but reversed. You can call it the combination of Google gravity and Google mirror i.e:

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Google Gravity + Google Mirror = Reversed Google Gravity

Visit this place.

6.) Google Underwater

google underwater search

Let’s experience Google under the water, this search engine always help you deep dive into the ocean of knowledge, now lets a take the search engine too for a dive.

Visit this place.

7.) Google Snake

google snake game

Do you like to play that “Snake in Maze” game? If yes then you’ll love this too, move this snake to eat those things around it. This is really a fun playing this game on Google, give it a try.

Visit this place.

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8.) Google Terminal

google terminal technical

Are you a techie type person? If yes then this is the page you’re gonna love for sure. Just look at the image below,it sounds like that of a hacker screen and it does make the sound like that too while searching. To begin the search you first have to press the “S” key and then type in the query, however it will show you the results but you won’t be able to open any link.

Visit this place.

9.) Google Pacman

google pacman game

Play the Pacman game live on this page. You won’t find any difference between the real game and this one except for the level. It can definitely become your pass time at least for now.

Visit this place.

10.) Do a Barrel Roll

Rotate your google homepage just by typing 4 words in the search bar and hitting the enter button. Type “Do a barrel roll” in the search box and hit on search button, it will roll.

11.) Colorful Google

google gravity

This just makes your day and browsing experience colorful, like that of a rainbow. Everything on this page keeps changing colors just like disco lights. Visit to experience the colorful Google.

Have fun with the Google easter eggs tricks like Google gravity, underwater, sphere and many more. Happy Googling in different manners.