Hearing Test-Give Yourself an Ear Checkup Under 50 Seconds

Humans have 5 sense organs namely eyes, nose, skin, tongue and ears. There is no need to tell what ears do, they are one of the most delicate organs in our body which demands care. The majority of people who suffer from hearing loss are under the age of 65 and apart from age there are other factors too that have direct impact on our hearing capacity. You think your ears are perfect? Well, this hearing test will help you face the truth.

Just like your brain never stops working, same way your ears also stay awake even when you’re sleeping, the only reason you do not get up at every sound is that your brain just ignores the incoming sound when you’re asleep. It’s hard even to imagine a life without hearing capability.

Hearing Test-Why Necessary?

How many of you listen to music on their earphones/headphones? Almost every second person. According to an edition published by CNN in 2015, around 1 billion teens and adults were at risk of hearing loss and there is no need to tell you that the numbers may have increased by now.

This is the reason hearing test is important, at least this is the only way to tell you to lower down the sound while listen to music on your headphones as once your hearing capability is gone, it means it’s GONE.

Online Hearing Test Tools

Below are listen some online tools which will help you know about your hearing capabilities, if after the test you think there is a problem then you don’t need me to tell you: It’s time to visit an ENT specialist.

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1.) Noise Addicts

hearing test

Humans can hear the sound ranging from 8 kHz to 22 kHz and this tool test your ears at every frequency in this range at which a human is supposed to hear: 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 kHz.

The tool has 12 audios of maximum length 2-3 seconds at different frequencies, all you have to do is play each audio one by one and see up to which frequency you can pass the test, once you stop hearing the sound, it means you can’t hear more than this. According to this tool individuals who are above 25 years will not be able to hear above 15 kHz.

2.) Starkey Test

online hearing test

Visit the website and click on “Start Test” button you see, the test will begin within a moment. You can also have this tool as app on your android and apple phone, the links to apps is available on the site just below “Start Test” button.

Once you begin the test, it will first you around 4-5 questions like “If you face a problem understanding speech on television or phone” etc. After that it will ask you to set a volume, read the description and then adjust as it’s the part of the test, then comes to the last part i.e speech part, it will say few words and you have to recognize those words.

Once you have completed the above 3 tests, it will show you the report of your hearing capacity.

3.) Beltone Test

sound test

Visit the website, select your gender, age group and the mode through which you want to listen i.e Speakers or headphones. Post that adjust the volume and get ready to begin the test.

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It will test left and right ear separately. Once the test begins, you have to select the picture of thing it speaks, the noise will keep on increasing and the voice will keep on decreasing. Once the test has been completed for one side ear, it’s turn for the other one.


Like said above music has a great impact on our hearing capacity, not only music any kind of loud sound which is not meant for human ears can cause damage, check this out for more knowledge about hearing and music.

Go through any of the above hearing test, all if you want and share the results with us it gave you about your hearing ability.