How Fast Is My Internet Connection-Web Speed Test

Internet has become the lifeline of humans now. Often a question in the minds of internet surfers and videos addicts, “how fast is my internet connection?” Am I getting the speed I am paying for? Nobody likes to see that circle revolving in the middle of a video and on the address bar for more than few seconds. Time is money and money needs not to be wasted at all.

You might be curious to know how fast is your internet speed, yeah for sure that’s why you have landed up here, to make your work easier and time-saving I have collected some of the best websites which can give you a best web speed test and let you know how fast is your internet connection speed in MBPS.

Different service providers have different internet speeds but which one is the best? This will let you know, follow these sites to check it out:

How Fast Is My Internet-Tools To Find Out

I would advise you to check your speed more than once as it may vary depending upon the speed you will be receiving while checking. The results will surely differ each time by a small factor.

how fast is my internet



This one is the tool which I usually use for checking out my internet speed. I was recommended to this website by my broadband providers and it works really very good, the speed was almost up to the mark which my providers offered which gave the authenticity and the idea about its accuracy. I will definitely recommend this to you.

The interface of this tool website is simply awesome.

What you need to do is visit the website and just click on begin test button, it will first automatically detect the best server according to your location and then start the test and will show you the results in a moment. The best part is you don’t have to conduct the test separately for download and upload speed, it does the work at a single click only. Easy to go with.

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Speedtest Android App:

For android users, the Speedtest tool is also available on Google play store so that you can check the speed for your android phones as well.

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Somewhat like before but if you consider the website and its appearance then you will like first one. Just like it also conducts the test for both download and upload speed at a single click. A website worth trying.


Those who only want to conduct one test per time will love this site. This site allows you to run the test separately for downloading and uploading speed which might save some time as it takes more time to get the speed check for both rather than one. As soon as you hit the run test button for downloading it will start downloading a random data of about 6 MB, don’t worry that won’t be saved to your device, it’s for internal use only, after that it will display the results.

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4.) 2Wire Speed Check

This is somewhat unique. You don’t need to hit any button to conduct the test, it will start the speed check test automatically as soon as you land on their website and will show you the result once it gets completed. I made you work more than easier even, now you don’t have to press the “Run Test” button even.

5.) Speed Of

One of the fastest conducting tool I have ever used. This website does the work pretty well and those people who don’t have flash or java installed on their devices will love this because it doesn’t require it at all. It is an HTML5 internet speed test website.

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Once you hit the “Start test” button at the bottom left, it will initiate and will complete the test in 6 passes which are really very fast.

5.) Intel Speed Test (may not work now)

This speed is by Intel company especially for gaming freaks to let them check out if they’ll be able to play a particular game online or not.

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6.) DSL Reports

This one lets you refine the test results. It depends on whether you are using the internet via wifi or through cable, this website understands this and first lets you select what technology you are using. Don’t get confused when you visit the website, there will not be any “Start Test” button because first you’ll have to select the tech you are using which you can see in the center in blue boxes.

7.) Bandwidth Place

Even I got confused after visiting the site, after looking for the “Start Test” or “Run Test” button for several minutes I saw that it was in the center of internet speedometer and not at all highlighted.

8.) SpeakEasy Speed Test

Don’t get confused here too as it does not have any button to start the test, all you have to do is select a location to begin the test, as soon as you select the location it will automatically start the internet speed test for both downloading and uploading. The interface is not that much impressive but yes not that much boring even, worth giving a try.

Although there are numerous websites to check out the internet connection speed and tools that can give our answer to question “how fast is my internet?” but I have given you the best among to choose from and test your internet speed.