How to Backup Contacts and SMS on Android Phone

How to Backup Contacts and SMS on Android Phone

Here in this article you will get to know about how to backup contact and SMS in android phone. We all have some data like contacts and some SMS that we do not want to lose in case of any damage to android device. For this reason you might think to take backup of contacts. Same is the case with messages in the device,there are some important messages that we want in the phone but sometimes it happens that the message is deleted by mistake in this case you need to backup messages in android phone. In the below article you will get 3 different ways to backup contacts and messages in android phone.

1st method –
Through Third Party apps – in this section i will explore about android apps which will allow you to backup data in android pone.

SMS Backup & Restore :-
It is an easy to use android app where you can backup and restore you messages. You can also set the schedule for your backup process. It allows to backup data in xml format.

Super Backup : SMS & Contacts :-
This app will allow you to backup contacts as well as SMS. You can backup messages, call logs, apps to SD card.

2nd method –
*  Go to your android phone contacts menu.
* Here you need to select Import/Export option.
* Select the option ” Export to SD card” .
* After that confirm your export.
* Just wait for the few seconds till your contacts are exported to your SD card.
You are done with the manual method.

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3rd Method –
Backup Contacts and SMS – ONLINE :-
* Go to the “SETTINGS” option in your android device.
* Then go to Accounts and Sync option.
* Select your Google account and select “Sync contacts” option there.
and you are done.

I hope you would find the 3 ways useful to take backup contacts and SMS and enjoyed reading the article about how to backup contacts ans messages.