How to block Game requests from Facebook friends

We all are Facebook users who operates Facebook ids at least once in a day. Some use their Facebook id to stay in contact with the people in their ids,some use it for passing time, one of biggest medium of passing time on Facebook is Candy Crush Saga where Facebook play online and then send request to their friends to get more lives and you might be annoyed now of getting too much request from your friends asking for lives and invitations.
You might want to block these request from your friends so that no one troubles you by sending game requests but probably don’t know how to do it. You are at the right place, here you get the simplest method to block these game requests and notifications.
So here we go with the method on How to block game request on Facebook :-

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I.) First of all log in to your Facebook account.
II.) Now click on the small icon on the top right hand side corner which show you a drop down including options like Log Out.
III.) From the drop down list which appears select ” Settings “.
IV.) Now settings page will open up, from the menu on left hand side select ” Blocking “.
V.) Now just scroll down to block desired apps and type the name of the app from which you do not want any invitations, it might be a game or any other app.
After selecting the app you will not receive any type of notification from your friends regarding that app.
You can also turn off the notification for any app. Read below to turn the notifications –
You just blocked any app by using the above method but what if you have any app previously and are receiving notifications from that app on weekly or daily basis.
i.) Go to settings and click on the Apps button from the right pane. There you will see the list of all apps you have used previously.
ii.) Now click on Edit for the app you want to remove from the list or for the app from which you do not want to receive any sort of notification.
ii.) Click on Remove app to remove it and select ” Never ” when it ask “When to notify you? “.

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So this was how you can stop notifications and block app or game request from Facebook friends.