How to Combine PDF Files Into One in 15 Seconds-Merge PDF

It’s quite an easy task to merge PDF files, you can either use Adobe Acrobat to combine PDF files or you can use some online tools to help you merging PDFs. Since everyone can not afford to pay for using the services so the methods mentioned below to combine PDF files into one consists both free and paid ways.

This one is of your use: Edit PDF files on the go for free without Adobe.

Combine PDF Files-Offline and Online

As mentioned in the title above, it should not take more than 15 seconds to merge PDF files, although it totally depends on what service you chose from the list and how fast is your system and connection.

how to combine PDF files

Let’s begin with the ways:

1.) Combine PDF Files Using Adobe

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Open Adobe acrobat or any other PDF document with Adobe and click on “Tools” from the menu.
  • From the grid of various features, click on “Combine Files” (this is a pro feature, not available for free users).
  • Click on “Add Files” and select the PDFs you want to combine together.
  • Rearrange the files and pages as per your needs, you can even delete the content you don’t want to see in the merged PDF.
  • Once you are done with arrangement process, click on “Combine Files” and hit the “Save” button.
  • It’s done.

The benefit of using Adobe is that you can edit and arrange the pages in your style before combining.

Price: Paid

This is for Ebooks lovers: Convert your .epub E-book to PDF with a click.

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2.) PDFmerge

This is an online service which is really very fast, doesn’t matter you are trying to merge 2 files, 3 files or any number of files, this will work with equal speed for all and the speed is truly great.

Select as many files you want from your machine and click on “Merge” button, your download will begin within a moment.

If your files contain some confidential data then you can try their secure connection HTTPS protocol service here.

Price: Free

3.) I Love PDFs

Simply drag or drop the PDF files to the site or upload them by clicking on “Select” button, it will not take more than 10 seconds to upload, click on “Merge PDFs” and the download will start within 5 seconds. The time is still managed, 10+5=15 seconds.

The site has other features also like Splitting PDFs, converting PDF to JPG and vice versa, adding watermark to PDF etc.

Price: Free

4.) Sejda (Best Among All)

This is the best PDF merger among all other mentioned in this list as it lets you select a range of pages you want to include in the merged document, add file name to footer so that you can remember which page belonged to which PDF file.

If you have the files saved in your Dropbox or Google drive then this is for you as it allows you to upload the files from cloud storage and ultimately save them back to cloud storage.

Conversion speed is quite fast.

Price: Absolutely Free

5.) Small PDF (Next to Best)

This is one of the best as it too allows you to rearrange the order of pages and delete unwanted pages from the merged document.

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You can save the merged PDF document to your machine or your Google drive or Dropbox account. There are some others you can use like PDF split, and PDF compression.

The above mentioned tools and methods are some of the best to combine PDF files into one. If you face any issue merging PDF files using any of the above services then do let us know so that it can be updated.