How to copy copyrighted CD to your PC

It seems like a mess when you want to copy a CD to your computer but come up with an error or absolutely nothing just because the CD is copyrighted and you don’t have the permission for copying the content. Now how would you copy a copyrighted CD to your PC? Simple, by using the method mentioned below.

You may find this copyright infringement on CD’s which the company don’t want to get copied as it would decrease the sales of their copies but still you can do it.

Disclaimer – This tutorial is completely for educational purpose. Don’t even try to use it in illegal or either way as we won’t hold any responsibility over any harm caused to you or your property.

Although there may be many software and ways to copy the contents from a copyrighted CD but here I am going to tell you about the method which i have used personally and found very easy. It will hardly take you 5 minutes to understand and begin working with the software.

The software says it is a data recovery tool but it can do wonders for you.

Just follow the simple steps and you are done.

1 Download and install IsoBuster (the freeware version).


2 Create a folder that you want to extract in an easily accessible place.

3 Start up the IsoBuster software.

copyrighted CD copying

4 Put your CD into the computer holding down the SHIFT key (to stop windows autorun) or you can cancel the autorun dialogue box if it appears after inserting the CD.

5 In IsoBuster,just  click on Session 1 on right-hand side and select all of the tracks.

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copy a copyrighted cd
6 Right click the tracks you have selected and click Extract Objects.

copy copyrighted cd

7 Select the folder that you had created as the destination for the files.

copy a copyrighted cd

8 After the copy has finished, you may rename and import the files into your favorite audio program or put them on any mp3 player that you wish.