How to Create Apple ID Without Credit Card – iTunes

You need to have an Apple ID in order to use any Apple related service, that might be buying music from the iTunes, downloading apps in the App store or as I said anything related to Apple services. In this post you will get to know how to create apple id without credit card.

Create Apple ID Without Credit Card

Some podcasts have Geo restrictions and will be available to only those users who are logged in with the Apple ID for the available one. But that might be simple as you can create multiple Apple ID’s for different locations, like you can create one for US store, for UK, for India and switch between those ID’s inside the iTunes. Just switch the ID and access the app for that location previously which was not available for your location.

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Now I will tell you how you can create an Apple ID without credit card. Few years back Apple kept it mandatory for users to enter their billing info and address to create apple id but the time as changed now and Apple has allowed users to create a free apple id without using their credit card and entering their billing info. Here is how you have to do this :-

How to Create Apple ID Without Credit Card

I.) First of all launch the iTunes software on your PC/laptop.

II.) Next thing you have to do is check if you are already signed in to the Apple, if Yes, then simply log out of it as this current id can’t be used anymore without entering billing info.

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III.) Now, scroll to the bottom of the page, click on “Change Country” and select the country for which you want to make an Apple ID.

IV.) Now its time to visit App Store, simply visit the App Store and select any iPhone app which is available for free of cost and hit the “Get Download” button to download that app to your app store.

V.) You will now see a pop up which is nothing but the box asking for you to sign in. It will display you different options like – “Use Existing Apple ID” & “Create New Apple ID”. Don’t enter your existing Apple ID, instead go for a new one. Enter your credentials, email address (use a valid email address as Apple will ask you to confirm the email by sending a mail to the provided email address), password, agree to Apple’s terms and condition and create a new Apple ID.

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VI.) Now proceed, here you will see payments option like – “VISA”, “MASTER CARD”, “PAYPAL”, along with all these options there will be a option called “NONE”. You have to select this “NONE” option so that it does not ask for your billing info. Enter a dummy postal address for that country and create Apple ID without credit card for free or any other payment info.

As simple as that. Try this method to create apple id without credit card for free and do tell us if it worked for you.