How to Create System Repair Disc in Windows 7 and Windows 8

How to Create System Repair Disc in Windows 7 and Windows 8

Here is another windows trick for you which will help you when your window crashes and will provide you windows system repair methods. Windows users often face a problem of getting their windows crashes which means that their system will not boot. You might have faced this problem and then you tend to install a fresh windows into your system which ultimately result in data loss stored in your primary disk.
To avoid this problem there is solution which may prevent you suffer from data loss and installing a fresh window every time this problem, you can create a system repair disc in win 7/8 for this purpose. It is quite easy to create a system repair disc in windows 7 or windows 8.

For this we just a blank disc, it may be a CD or DVD.

So here is the method to create system repair disc in win7/8 :-
Method to create system repair disc in Windows 7
I.) Click on “START” button on the desktop and then follow the path All Programs >> Maintenance  >> Create A Syatem Repair Disc.
You can also type in the search box “System Repair Disc”, it will show you the desired result.
II.) Now insert the blank disc into your system, select it & click on ‘Create Disc’ button.
III.) Wait till it creates a system repair disc and when it is finished just click on ‘OK’ and remove your disc safely.

Method to create system repair disc in Windows 8

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I.) Hover your mouse pointer to the top right corner and click on search, then look up for the term “File Recovery”.
II.) Click on Settings for filtering the search. Now you need to click on ‘Windows 7 File Recovery’.
III.) A new window will pop out, from there click on “Create A System Repair Disc”.
IV.) A wizard will open up, insert a blank disc, select it in the opened wizard and click on “Create Disc”.
V.) When the task is finished, just click on OK button and your system repair disc is ready.

How To Use This Disc?

As you have got your system repair ready with you and you can use it when this kind of problems arrives but the question may rise in your mind that How to use it? Then here is the answer to your question as well.
You can use this disc when your system crashes and refuse to reboot, in such type of situations you can insert this disc and boot through it and enter the windows setup where you will some recovery options which will help you repair your PC.

So this was the method to create windows repair disc. Hope you liked the article about windows recovery disc.