How to Deal with Unwanted Friend Request On Facebook

Deal with Unwanted Friend Request On Facebook

Facebook is one of the greatest medium to stay in touch with people. Whenever you meet a new person there is possibility that you or that person will go through Facebook search to send a friend request to the other.

You meet this person daily or once in two days at the gym or somewhere else and one day suddenly you see a friend request on Facebook by this person. Now what to do? You have gone through a few nice conversation with him and he/she seems quite genuine as well but you still do not know much about the person to include him/her in your Facebook friend list and you still do not want to be Facebook friends with him.

Now you are in a dilemma whether to accept the friend request or not, but the thought arises in your mind that you cannot even ignore his/her request as you meet him/her often.

How do you deal with the friend request on Facebook of the people who are a mere acquaintances but not really friends?

Either ignore it politely or when you have no option left other than accepting it then you may accept it and can later put that friend to the Restricted List.

When you put someone in the Restricted list then they will be shown as your friend on Facebook but they will be able to see only your photos and post that are public or we can also say that they are like your public followers who can only see the stuff of yours that are public except that they are in your friend list, this way you will not need to unfriend them after accepting it, as you might be knowing that the other person can know if you have Unfriend them on Facebook.

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How To Restrict Friends on Facebook ?

To put someone in ” Restricted List” just got their Facebook profile and from there choose  “Add To List” option from Friends drop down menu and select ‘Restricted’. Now will only seethe stuff which is public.