How to Delete Google chrome history selectively

How to Delete Google chrome history selectively

Don’t you want your chrome browser to remember the web pages you visited? So you can delete it simply.In this article you will get to know how to remove Google chrome history selectively. To remove your browsing history just type chrome://history in the browser’s address bar and you will get the list of the webpages you visited then there just click “clear browsing history” and you browsing history will be deleted on the moment permanently.

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This was the case where you wanted all your browsing history to get removed from the history section but what if you want to delete some of the web pages from the history and preserve the other ones? or what if you want to delete all your visits to a particular website or web pages containing some keywords ?

Then in that case you will need to delete it selectively. You might think that what is difficult in that but just think for a moment that what if the history of web pages you want to delete contains a large number of 50 items then would you click on each checkbox against each list item?

Don’t worry that is not difficult too either.Just do the following –

*Open up the history list by typing chrome://history in the address bar of the browser.It will show you the list of your browsing history.

*Then there you will see a search box where you can search for the web pages with specific keywords you want to delete.Type there your keywords and click on search history.

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*It will show you the web pages which contained those keywords. Then click on the checkbox against the first history item and just go to last one and click on the checkbox against it but don’t forget to press “SHIFT” key while checking the last checbox, doing so the whole of the history with the desired keyword between first and last history item will be selected .

*Then simply click on Remove selected items and your selected items will be deleted permanently.
Hope you got the way to do it and enjoyed reading the article about how to delete google chrome browsing history selectively.