How to Easily Find and Identify Font From Image

Identify Different font from Image

The font used in this image looks quite cool and unique. Ever wondered to identify font image? Ever thought how to know identify font used in that particular image? If yes, then my dear friends you are at the right place as today we will get to know about the method to find the font used in any image.
To identify the font we will be using a web based online tool here which will make it easy for you to know about it.
Read the below steps to know how to use this online tool to identify font from image.

How to identify Font From Image

I.) The tool we are gong to use for this purpose is called WhatFontIs ( Official Link ).
Open this tool in a new tab and continue reading.
II.) After you have opened up the tool in a new tab you will find an option ” Browse ” as you scroll, use this option if you want to select the image directly from your computer. But if you have got a link to that image then use the second column where they ask for the URL of that image ( this might take a few seconds to fetch the image ).
But keep in mind that the image you want to check for should be in JPEG (.jpeg, .jpg), GIF (.gif) or PNG (.png) formats or else it will be rejected.
III.) After that you will see two check box asking about the contrast of text to image. If the background color is lighter than the text on the image then choose the first one and if the background color is darker than text then choose the second one.
IV.) After completing the above three steps just hit ” Continue “ button and let the system analyze your image.
If the image is too complex for the tool then it will refer to edit the font using online image editors.
V.) It will ask you then to select at least 4 – 10 characters out of the font before submitting it finally.
VI.) Once it succeeds in identifying the image, it will ask you enter the black characters shown in the empty boxes.

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Just click on ” Continue button ” when you are done.
So that was it, the tool will display the desired results. usually the first result is the most appropriate result as it resembles the text in the image the most.
Got an image to know about it’s font ? Go and try it now. 🙂