How to Get Hex Code From Image Online-Detect Color Codes

We are often amused by a color in an image and want to know what color is that exactly. Web designers need to know the color code in order to implement it on the websites they develop. It’s quite an easy task to get hex code from image, it involves no techie steps as there are tools which will do the job for you.

I am going to use here 3 different tools whose functioning may differ, depending on what kind of result you want but the code for one color will be same, don’t expect different hex code for the same color.

Get Hex Code From Image

The procedure is as simple as uploading pictures on Facebook.

get hex code from image color

Tool 1: Color Code Picker

Like I said earlier the process is as simple as uploading photos on Facebook. You’ll see two tools on the homepage of this tool:

i.) First one will tell you the dominant color in any image, just hid the “Choose File” button, select the file from you machine and it will display the dominant color, the color palette and the color scheme as well.

ii.) Second one is the Hex code generator, this will tell you the hex code of any color in the image. Same is the process, hit the “Choose File” button and select the file from your machine and hit upload button. Once you have uploaded the image, hover your mouse over the part you want to detect color of, click on the part and it will show you the RGB, Hex & HSL code for the corresponding section.

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Tool 2: HTML Color Codes

At the time of writing this article, the tool is in Beta stage. If you want to detect deep color then this is the tool you should go for. The best part about this tool is that it does not upload the image to web server, you don’t need to hit the upload button and wait for screen to reload.

Just choose the image from your device and click on “Show Image”, it will display the image. Now click on the part of image you want to detect color of, upon clicking the tool will zoom into image and will display a 9X9 pixel image to the right side.

From that 9X9 pixel screen click on the color you want to get the hex code for. This tool focuses the image to a large extent, sometimes you may hate it as the pixels spreads and you are unable to get the code for the color you are looking for. In that case you can use the above one.

Tool 3: Cool PHP Tools

This one is quite different as it does not ask you to select a specific portion to detect code of instead it ask you the number and will display all the colors the image is made of according to the number you have selected.

You can choose the number between 1-255. Along with the color code it also tells the percentage of a particular color used in that image. Keep the value of “Delta” to maximum (255) if you want to know about straight colors and don’t want in depth analysis. You can also reduce brightness and radiant if you want.

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Hope you were able to get hex code from image using these tools.