How To Hack Facebook Password In Front Of The Victim

This is basically a fun trick which reveal password typed in asterisks form. Yes it does perfectly. Whenever you try to login to FB, you see two fields, Email and Password, some of the sites have a special button beside “Password” field i.e “Show Password” clicking on which reveal the password you have typed in form of dots or asterisk, the same thing can be done on Facebook also within 2 minutes.

How Can I Hack Facebook Password With This Method?

Suppose you have the person sitting next to you whom password you want to know. He enters his email and then password to Facebook login page, at that time you can stop him before he clicks on “Log In” button, tell him that you can show him an interesting trick and perform this trick, you’ll be able to hack Facebook password of his in front of him and his password will be revealed.

If not this then you can do this trick before he enters his credentials, after that when he’ll enter his password then instead of dots/asterisk it will be typed in plain text form which you can see and understand. Indirectly you hacked into his FB password.

If not much then at least you can scare your friends with this trick and make them change their password. Lets see how you can hack Facebook password of your friends.

How To Hack A Facebook Password?

To find out what is written in asterisks or dots at the place where you have written your password follow these simple steps. We’ll be using here inspect element to hack FB password. What is inspect element? Read the article.

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First of all visit Facebook and type your credentials to log in.

1.) Type your password in the password column and then right click inside the password box.

2.) Then click on the option “INSPECT ELEMENT”.

hack facebook password

A coded box in HTML will appear at the bottom of the page with highlighted codes. Don’t get confused there is nothing difficult here, just follow the below steps.

how to hack facebook password, reveal password

3.) In the above highlighted codes did you see something like type=”password”. Double click on the “password” written in highlighted codes. Password will get highlighted.

4.) Then type “text” in place of “password” and hit enter button.

Now you can see the FB password written in plain text

hack fb password, how to hack a facebook password

This effect will remain until you type “password” again in place of “text” or the easy method to remove this effect is just reload the page.

How was the trick to reveal password of Facebook? Did you liked it? Is yes then do not forget to share it with the world.