How To Hide Disk Drive In Windows Using Diskpart

You may find several ways to hide folders in your windows computer, doing this simply means you want some data to be protected so that no other person other than you can have access to those hidden folders, it is simply just like applying an extra layer of securities to our files, but what if you have to hide disk drive completely not just a folder in your computer ? Yes you can hide the whole disk drive and that would be just awesome, the best part is hiding disk drive is quite simple which requires no software, no techie stuff, all it needs is 2 minutes and 3 commands.

Usually people have 3 drives with drive letters C, D and E and I will tell you the best and the easiest method through which you can hide the disk drives in your computer.

Removing and assigning disk drive letters is quite similar, with approximately no changes in the method.So, here is the trick to hide disk drive, follow the below steps carefully :-

Method To Hide Disk Drive

1.) Go to START >> then go to RUN >> in Run dialogue box just type DISKPART and hit enter button. (You can also open the Run dialogue box by simply pressing Windows+R keys on your keyboard).
You will see the below image on your screen –

hide disk drive in windows
ii.) After you see the above image on your screen then just type LIST VOLUME and hit enter button. You will see a list containing all your drives letters like the below image :

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how to hide disk drive

iii.) Now its time to hide your disk drive from others, let us suppose you have to hide “disk E” then just type SELECT VOLUME 4 and press enter.

(Keep in mind that I am writing drive letters and volume numbers according to my computer, these may differ in yours, so be careful or else you will hide the wrong disk eventually, if you have hidden the wrong disk by mistake then don’t worry, below are the steps to unhide disk drive as well).

iv.) Then type REMOVE LETTER E and hit enter (NOTE – you have to choose the letter corresponding to the drive you want to hide)

hide disk drives
v.) You drive E is now hidden, you can go to My Computer and check it out.

 How To Unhide Disk Drive

If you want to unhide your drive then follow the steps, these are approximately same as the above ones :-
* Go to START >> RUN >> type DISKPART and hit enter button.
* Type LIST VOLUME in the Diskpart window and hit enter, just like you did before.
Again your all drives will appear,now you have to unhide your E Drive :-
* Type SELECT VOLUME 4 and press enter.
* Now type ASSIGN LETTER E and hit enter again. In the process of hiding drives, you have to type REMOVE LETTER E, now in this all you have to do is write ASSIGN instead of REMOVE.
* Go to My Computer and you will find that your Drive E is visible now.

Like I told you above, all the steps for both the methods were almost identical. Hope it helped you out, it should have helped and worked because like other tricks I have tested this trick too personally.

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