How to Hide Files Inside an Image

How to Hide Files Inside an Image

Here is another interesting windows trick for you. There are many methods to hide files like you can create locked folders with notepad trick but what if you want to send some secret files to someone but do not want any other to see that, in that case this window trick will help you out. This article will tell you about hiding files inside an image, sounds quite interesting as you will able to hide files inside a JPG.
You just need to follow the simple steps carefully listed below and you will be able to hide files inside picture.
So here we go with the interesting windows trick :-
The important thing you will require for performing this trick is WinRar. WinRar should be installed on your PC in order to hide file inside an image. Almost all of us will be having WinRar Archiver installed on our computer.

Follow these steps carefully –

I.) Create a folder and put all your files you want to hide in that folder and save this folder let us say with the name “Files”.
II.) Now right click on that folder and select “Add to archive” . Select RAR as format and click on OK button.
III.) You will now see a Rar file with the name “Files”. Now let us consider that name of the image in which you want to hide the files is “image.jpg”. Copy both “Files.rar” and “image.jpg” in your ‘C’ or ‘D’ drive.
IV.) Now search for CMD and open it. Type the name of the drive in which you have saved those files like if your files are in D drive then type D: and hit enter.
Now type this code as it is – copy /b image.jpg + files.rar new.jpg and press enter
V.) If you have done correctly then it will show you 1 file<s> copied. in the CMD prompt .
VI.) Now navigate to the location where have initially saved the files, there you will see a new file added with the name New.jpg.
You have successfully hidden the files inside an image but what next? The next question arising in your mind would be how to view those hidden files inside? Then you have to follow the below simple steps to view those hidden files –

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Steps to access those files –

I.) As the file is in JPG format so you will first have to open WinRar Archiver , click on File and select Open Archive.
II.) Now navigate to the location where is your New.jpg file.
III.) Select all files from drop down so that is displays New.jpg file too, select it and open it.
IV.) There you will see a folder named as ‘Files’, just open it and here are your hidden files.

So this was the windows trick about how to hide files inside an image. Hope you liked the efforts and the trick to hide files inside a JPG interesting and useful.


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