How To Increase WiFi Signal Strength Range-Killer Tips For Laptop

We are here for you to answer your question – How to increase WiFi signal strength. A big thanks to the technology which has provided us with so much ease that we can do more with less. Now laptops come with inbuilt WiFi adaptor and let us connect to the Wi-Fi without the need of having adding any external hardware. You need to install your WiFi driver to your laptop if it does not the show you the option of WiFi.

How to Increase WiFi Signal Strength

how to increase wfi signal strength

Although it depend on the place you are sitting at, the strength of the WiFi signal varies with that, but if you are at the best place where the networks and signal strength are supposed to be really very good then there is a need to follow the below tricks to boost your WiFi signal on laptop. Here you go dear :-

How to Increase WiFi Range

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1.) Visit The Control Panel Firs of All :-

You can boost the signal on some laptop that have internal wifi adapters. To do this click on your start menu -> control panel -> system -> click the hardware tab -> click the Device Manager button -> find Network adapters node on the list tree -> right click on the wireless adapter -> select properties

Look through the properties for something like power save mode and turn it off. You can also look for any signal power options and turn it to the max. Every manufacturer has different options so you might have to just play with it though trial and error. Remember to only change one property at time. If your signal gets worse change it back. This will help find the best possible signal without breaking anything.

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Turning the power safe option off and increase signal power will decrease battery life so you might want to get your ac adapter near by.

2.)Use Repeater to amplify WiFi Signal :-

You can use a repeater also called as WiFi amplifier or ranger expander. It will pick up the WiFi signals and then amplifies it and retransmits it. All you need to do is place your WiFi repeater or amplifier near the edge of existing signal so that it catches the best of it. After that it will do the rest. Sit back and enjoy high speed WiFi.

3.) Upgrade WiFi Router :-

Upgrading your WiFi router only may solve your problem. If your router is an 802.11b device then try updating it to get the exact speed on your laptop.

4.) Use Omnidirectional Router instead of Standard one :-

Omnidirectional, the name says it all, it is meant to supply signal in all directions unlike that of standard routers.

5.) Reposition WiFi Router :-

Do not place your router near metal surfaces, near the electronic gadgets that uses signals for example microwave. Place your router at center location where thick walls cannot obstruct the signals of router.

6.) Try Installing External WiFi Adaptor :-

You might say that why I need to install an external WiFi adapter when my laptop already have it, then the answer to your question is that your laptop adapter might be good but the external one is even better, that’s why you need to install it. If you have an old technology based laptop then disable the inbuilt one and try installing the external adaptor. These can drastically improve WiFi signal strength on your laptop.

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7.) Change Your Channel :-

WiFi signals are broadcasted on various channels. If your wireless channel is providing a lot of interference then consider changing access point’s configuration settings or channel though router.

8.) Disable Network Hog :-

Use task manager to check which applications are running in background and using your network. Disabling those unused and waste apps can boost both your laptop’s speed as well as the WiFi signal strength.

Hope one of the above tricks to boost WiFi signal Strength on laptop has worked for you and you are enjoying your Wi-Fi at the speed it is meant to be.

Do tell us that which of the method worked for you and if you have any other method/working method then do not hesitate to share with us regarding how to increase WiFi signal strength and range on laptop.