How To Logout Of Facebook Messenger App

How To Logout Of Facebook Messenger

Whosoever uses Facebook Messenger app has a question in their minds that how to logout of Facebook Messenger. Ever since Facebook provided this messenger for people to send and receive messages, most of them are unhappy just because they do not find any option to log out of messenger and as I mention earlier a question always remains in their minds that How to logout of Facebook Messenger ? If this is your question as well then don’t worry I am here to resolve your query and help you out.

You might be thinking now that is it possible to log out of FB messenger then let me tell you Yes, you can log off Facebook messenger in your android device.Here we go with the method to logout of Facebook messenger for android :-

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How To Logout Of Facebook Messenger ?

how to logout of facebook messenger

* To begin with the method first thing you have to do is remove the messenger form the recent apps list you have just used or run recently.

* Visit the recent app list and hold on the messenger icon until a pop up appears and select ” Remove From List ” option.

* After you have removed the app from the recent list just go to the ” Settings ‘ of your android device and from there select ” Apps ” option.

* After you have selected the app option, it will display a list of all the apps in your android phone.
* Select the option ” Downloaded ” from above and it will display you all the apps you have downloaded.

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* In this list look out for messenger app and once you find it just click on it.

* It will open up displaying different options like “Force Stop”, “Uninstall”, “Clear Data”, out of all these option you have to click on ” Clear Data ” option.

* A dialogue box will appear in front of you on the screen asking permission to delete app data. Touch ” OK ” to delete the app data and essentially log out of messenger app.

* After you have selected the delete app data option, you will see that the Clear Data option will be grayed.

* You have finished your technical part, now visit the home screen of your android mobile by touching the home button.

* The next time you will open Facebook Messenger you will see a “Welcome To Messenger” screen on your device with you name listed on it. You just have to push the continue button to log in without having any need to enter our credentials every time. You won’t be automatically logged in like before.

Advantage :-

If any other third person wants to check their messages on Facebook messenger, then they just need to touch “Switch Account” button at the bottom.


Your friends can also have a look at your messenger profile if they borrow your phone by directly hitting the continue button, if you want to avoid this situation then you will have to log out of Facebook app as well, so next time you will open the messenger app, it will ask you to enter your email and password for logging in.

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This was the simple and easy way to log out of Facebook messenger app. Hope it helped and resolved your query. Will love to hear your comments below.