How to make pen drive faster

How to make pen drive faster

Ever wanted that your pen drive should work faster? You might have felt frustrated when while transferring your data to pen drive it takes a lot of time and if your answer is yes then you are at the right place because in this article you will get to know about how to make pen drive work faster. By following this simple method you would be able to work faster with your pen drive.

Boost up the speed of your pen drive-
Follow these steps carefully –
i.) First of all insert your pen drive to your system.
ii.) Go to My Computer and right click on the desired pen drive whose speed you want to boost up and then click on Properties.
(It is advised to format the pen drive before beginning with the method and make a back up to be on the safe side)
iii.) After you click on Properties it will you pop up a Properties Tab. Under the Properties Tab go to the Hardware option.
iv.) It will display a list of all disk drives then from there Select the pen drive whose speed you want to boost up.
v.) After selecting the desired USB drive just click on the Properties option at the bottom.
vi.) A new window will pop out after click on properties, now in that new window select the “General Tab”.
vii.) In the General Tab click on Change Settings option at the bottom of the window.

how to make pen drive faster
viii.) Now there just select the “Policies Tab” where you will see the 2 policies which are as follows –
ix.) In this policy tab select Better Performance instead of Quick Removal.

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faster pen drive
x.) Click on OK button and you are all done with it.

NOTE – I am advising you again to backup all your data to a safe place before converting it into Better Performance as you might loose some data or it might get corrupted. After doing it you must disconnect your pen drive in safe mode by selecting Safely Remove Hardware option to prevent it from getting corrupted or loosing it.
Disclaimer – This trick is for information purpose,try it on your own risk We are not responsible for any harm caused to your devices.

Hope you learned it and enjoyed reading the article about How to make pen drive faster