How to password protect software

How to password protect software

If you ever wanted that the software in your personal computer should be safe,any unauthorized person should not use them without your permission and wanted to set password on the software so that whosoever use your pc should be asked for the password before operating any software and if he/she doesn’t know the password then that person would not be able to operate it.So here I am going to tell you about the method how to password protect software.
Just follow the below to set password on software
1.) First of all you need to download a software named Password Door to your pc.
2.) Now install this software, while installing it will ask you to set an admin password which will be further used to open password protected software.

password door

password protect software
3.) Now enter your password to open Password Door.

password protect software free
Click on Protect a Program..

4.) Now you will see a list of all the programs on which you can set password, select the program and protect it.

Just select the app from the list and now you can make it safe by applying password to it.

Now whenever you or any other person will try to access password protected apps then he/she will be asked for the admin password to continue.
You can also remove the password from any app anytime,for this just open password door >> protection manager >> go to the app and select “Remove” option from the right hand side.
NOE – If you are thinking that any anonymous user who want to operate the software will uninstall Password Door, so let me tell you that in this case you are wrong here as Password Door software will ask again for the admin password to uninstall it.

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Hope you enjoyed reading the article about How to password protect software and have learned something.

Now go and protect your software. 😉