How to Record My Screen in HD Without Any Tool or Software

Recording screen is quite an easy job to perform with screen recording software. There are many tools that can help you record your screen like Camtasia, Camstudio (Free alternative) and recording screen with these tools is more than easy, all you gotta do is hit the record button and recording begins. Some tools are premium and some are free, but what if you say – “I want to record my screen without downloading anything on my machine”.

In that case, my answer would be – “You can record your screen without any tool too”. Isn’t this amazing? Lets take a deep dive into the method.

What Will I Need to Record My Screen?

1.) Computer (obviously).

2.) Internet Connection (want to check the speed your ISP is providing you? Check out this post.)

3.) YouTube or Google Account (as you can log in to YouTube with your Google account).

Why Do I Need YouTube?

Don’t underestimate the power of YouTube, along with providing million of videos, helping businesses reach their audience across the globe, it also provide you with some features that you may not have heard of before.

Steps to Record Your Screen With YouTube

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1.) Visit YouTube and log in to your account (for those who don’t know – no need to create a new account, just log in with your Gmail/Google account).

2.) After you have successfully logged in, click on your profile picture on the top right corner and then click on “Creator Studio”.

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3.) Now, look at the left sidebar, you might be seeing an option “Live Streaming”, just hit the click on that option. It will bring you to a page.

record my screen with youtube

4.) In the same left sidebar, under “Live Streaming” click on “Events”.

5.) Clicking on “Events” will show you this page:

how to record my screen

Click either on “Schedule a new event” or “New live event”.

6.) Now, it will ask for some basic info like title, description, see the below screenshot, make sure you select “Private” from the dropdown so that nobody else can see this event and after you are done with it hit the “Go Live Now” button at the bottom. It will ask to confirm, click on “OK” button.

record your event screen

7.) A new window of “Google Hangout Air” will open up and you will see something like this:

record my screen with google hangout air

In the image, you can see I have turned off the webcam as I didn’t want to record my face. Click on “Screenshare” option.

8.) Once you click on “Screenshare”, it will show you all the windows you opened on your computer, select the window/screen you want to record and click on “Share”, and after that click on “Start broadcast”, your screen recording will start now.

record screen in HD

9.) Once you are done with recording, stop the broadcast, it will be saved to “Video Manager” in “Creator Studio”.

Cons: The video will be watermarked.

How to Download The Screen Video I Recorded Just Now?

It is even easier than recording, visit the “Video Manager” in creator studio, it will show you the list of all the videos you have uploaded and recorded, click on edit button and then click on “Download MP4”, this will start the downloading.

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download the recorded screen

I have also mentioned some other ways to download YouTube videos but that won’t work here because in the beginning we set it to “Private” if you remember, that’s why those ways are not for this video. But you can download any other video through those methods, so go through that too.

So your question – “Can I record my screen without any tool?” is answered now, hope you have enjoyed, if you know of any other method then you’re most welcomed to share it with me, either contact me via my contact page or simply drop a comment.